Holiday Fun Checklist


Sorry dude, we’re not spending the entire holidays watching Paw Patrol

One of the benefits of having teaching as a primary source of income is that I get school holidays off to spend with my little dude. I’m already missing the adventures that me and my little dude used to have when I was a stay-at-home mum so I’m determined to make the most of our time together before work picks up again next term. I’m also cautious of spending too much cash as we’ve also got a couple of trips planned for later this year so here’s our list of fun and cheap (or free!) things that we’ve got planned for the coming two weeks

Holiday Fun Checklist

  • Check out a farmers’ market
  • Check out a night market
  • Go to the beach – it’s still excessively sunny and warm here, so the beach in autumn isn’t as crazy as it sounds
  • Go visit our friend E at the Auckland Botanic Gardens
  • Visit the Hamilton Zoo
  • Have dumplings with our blogger friends
  • Explore three new playgrounds
  • Visit our new local swimming pools
  • Visit Papa M at work for lunch
  • Explore our new local library
  • Go for a big walk at Cornwall Park

and of course have lots of fun, right in our own back yard! Being blessed with a big back yard means that we are able to have a lot of fun without even stepping outside our front door!

Any other great ideas for cheap, great holiday fun?

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