Loving It – April 2015 edition


Loving this photo array I did for a Twitter friend during a conversation on the change back to 10 year passports. It’s not often I actually get a chance to look back over photos but this shows me how even though CJ is growing, he still looks inherently the same – gorgeous!

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know I love me a good parents’ room – and this one looks amazing!

Elise sums up perfectly what being 30 feels like – most days I forget I’m no longer in my 20s LOL

Making secret plots and plans to knock off some big hairy audacious goals – have got my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that we’ll be able to carry them out.

Consent is a real bug-bear of mine, especially in this culture where commodification of bodies seems to come from everywhere. I was so pleased to see a Doc McStuffins episode this morning where they dealt with the issue (in terms of tickling, but still) and this is a great piece to use with teens, using the perfect metaphor.

As CJ hits the toddler mark, we’re getting asked more about our family plans; while I’m fairly open and okay with answering questions, here’s a great article outlining how comments with good intentions are still not that helpful.

Getting my two nights a week in the pool – boy were my muscles absolutely begging for mercy after my Tuesday session!

The amazing story of Brother Orange

Ticking items off our holiday fun checklist – so far we’ve visited Hamilton Zoo and been to our local library, and we’ll be visiting a new playground tomorrow!

I hope to raise kids that know to make trouble when it is necessary.

Feeling like our new house is becoming our home and that we’re becoming a part of our new community as well!

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