Currently – the April edition

It’s hard to believe the school holidays have drawn to a close and we’re all back to work and daycare again! We got to cross a lot of fun things off our holiday checklist and I’m pleased because this term is shaping up to be an absolute cracker. It’s hard to believe the year is slowly ticking by into winter, and CJ’s 15 month check-up is just around the corner. He’s becoming a little helper to me though, able to bring me items when I ask for them and handing me my shoes when he wants to head out!


So currently:

CJ is full of talking – loves to chat away to his parents. Shoes, bananas and kitties are all big topics of conversation, as is the unfortunate insult of “meanie”

I’ve taken up a short-term contract and there’s another potential short-term contract in the offing that I would be REALLY excited to take up. Fingers crossed!

I’m absolutely loving my new exercise regime – it’s so easy to stick to when it’s something that you enjoy and that is something that I had forgotten.

CJ is still not walking. We’re trying to be zen parents about it but it’s driving us (and him, I think) a little bit nuts. We catch him standing by himself on a regular basis but then the moment he realizes, he’s back to holding onto something. Yet he’ll climb up flights of stairs, all over playgrounds and on top of tables… I don’t get it.

We’re reshuffling some of our goals at the moment – it feels a little bit disappointing but we have to remind ourselves that they are aspirational, not set in stone, and we have to do what is best for our family.

We’re making lists of winter clothing to be bought and hunting out the bargains – it’s amazing how unprepared we’ve been for  the recent cold snap!

We are plowing through another Wonder Week – I definitely think that it gets harder to deal with the personality changes that these weeks (and this one could be four weeks’ long!) bring. Our previously awesome sleeper now refuses to go down without a fight and that is SO hard. Roll on mid-May and having our happy little guy back!

We’ve booked our flights and accommodation for a long weekend getaway in Christchurch. It’s so exciting to think that this will be the first plane ride that CJ gets to take – coincidentally Papa M’s first flight was with me to Christchurch six years ago!

We’re finally (mostly) settled in to our new home. We had our first dinner party just this last weekend and it was SO nice. It’s great to go out on date nights but it’s also great to spend evenings just shooting the breeze with friends… I think I’d forgotten a bit what that was like!

We’re really excited to see what the next few months bring!

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