Crummy Weather Confessions #1

The weather outside is absolutely frightful, the hubby is out running errands (it’s a public holiday here, so he’s not at work for once) and the little dude is down for a nap. I’m curled up on the couch under a blanket and, to be honest, still in my pajamas (at 1pm NZT). My aim when I started this blog was to keep it real and so I’ve decided to start a Crummy Weather Confessions series!

  • This afternoon pajamas situation happens more than I would care to admit. When there is so much to do, I focus on getting everyone else and everything else ready before myself… unless of course, it’s a work day. Think it would be pretty frowned upon if I showed up in my nightwear…
  • Some days, I just have to phone it in. I’ve been getting some ridiculous headaches lately (I think it’s hormonal – thanks HORMONES) and if that ties in with a day I’m home with CJ, I pretty much lie on the couch, we have finger food for lunch – and by that I mean crackers, ham and processed cheese slices – and the TV is my friendly baby-sitter as I try and battle through to the next nap time. You gotta do what you gotta do, right?
  • The cat is driving me mental! Originally my cat, she was adopted by my parents when I moved into a share flat that I couldn’t have her at. Now, the cat lives with us again but she has been completely coddled by my dad and, being allergic, I can’t give her the same amount of cuddles that she’s used to.  And today she’s been in, out, in, out… we need a damn cat door.
  • I slept on the couch last night because hubby was sick and thrashing round like a landed snapper. I really wanted to yell at him but it’s not very nice to yell at sick people. I had the worst sleep and feel like death today.
  • I sometimes stare at CJ and then say “I made you…” – it sounds totally creepy, but sometimes I’m still in awe of the fact that I actually have a kid.
  • I don’t understand how there are these mums out there that do all this baking and stuff with babies – what do you do with your kid? What am I missing? CJ’s too little to help yet, but he’s not going to just sit and watch either. My options are nap time (sometimes) or when he’s in bed; enough time to maybe get one batch of cookies done but certainly not enough for a week.
  • In addition to the above, I sometimes wish that Papa M didn’t work such long hours and it wasn’t all up to me to work out how to balance kids and work and a household… but if wishes were horses, beggars would ride, right? It is what it is.
  • My guilty pleasure right now is buttered toast with just a sprinkle of chicken stock powder… don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!
  • My house is completely non-Pinterest worthy and in dire need of renovation.
  • It’s only in the last three months that I’ve realized how I pushed everyone away when I was having feeding problems with a newborn CJ and in hindsight I wish I hadn’t. As a first time mum you feel like such a failure, not being able to do what you are told comes naturally. I wish I’d let people in more, let them tell me it was okay and that I would be okay.

So there you go, some candor on a crummy, rainy, windy day in the interests of keeping it real. If you’ve got a confession to get off your chest, feel free to leave it below!

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3 thoughts on “Crummy Weather Confessions #1

  1. Love these confessions 🙂 The stock on toast sounds… intriguing. I have no idea how Mum’s do anything at all, having a kid seems terrifying and I feel like I simultaneously can’t wait to have a child but also am terrified. Ridiculously terrified. This weather definitely leads to some introspection whilst curled up on the couch, that’s pretty much my situation right now too. x

  2. Ohhh how I hear you on the pyjamas, except my equivalent is my dressing gown. One of the neighbours knocked on my door the other day and said “oh! You’re still in your dressing gown. One of those days, huh?” Hahahaha, if only she knew… MOST days are dressing gown days!

  3. When I was a student and had a lot of time at home doing essays I would get up and change into leggings, ugg boots and a hoodie, cos I usually sleep nude. I miss those days of just staying home in not proper clothes. office attire sucks!

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