Four years ago…

Papa M asked me to marry him.


We’d talked about it. In fact we spoke about it so much that I told him to shut up unless he was going to ask me. We’d gone looking for rings just for future reference. With mum sick, I was anxious about whether she’d be around to even help me plan a wedding and I was not so zen about “the wait” but not ballsy or non-traditional enough to ask him. I thought it was pretty sweet of Papa M to tell me to attend a wedding expo with mum while she was still well enough to go – little did I know it was part of a clever plan to get me out of his hair for a day and go ring shopping. As unlikely as I thought it was at the time, he did manage to surprise me.

We headed out to Duder Regional Park, a favorite of ours in our early dating days. We had a rock there that we used to sit on and discuss life, the universe and everything. As we headed out along the track, we came across a massive slip where a tree had taken half the cliff down with it. I was all for turning back, but Papa M insisted that we double back just a short way and then cut down and walk along the beach. We stumbled down what was barely a track and finally made it to our rock where, precariously balanced in a half sitting-half kneeling position, Papa M asked me to be his wife. Obviously I said yes!

I think I spent most of the walk back staring at the rock on my finger… after all the talk, it seemed so surreal. We decided we definitely wanted to tell some people in person but first went for lunch at a nearby eatery, Pepperjacks, so that we could enjoy our moment in secret for just a little while longer. Then it was off to see my parents first. My mum had received some professional photos back and was so excited about them that it took us a while to get a word in edgewise, but once we did they were ecstatic! Good news was fairly sparse in our house in the last couple of years of mum’s cancer battle so it was nice to have a little bit of joy. Papa M’s parents were also happy and opened a bottle of wine in celebration – note to those yet to get engaged, everyone will want to ply you with alcohol when they find out!

It’s stunning to think how much life has changed, our relationship has changed – heck, how much we’ve changed since then. Four years doesn’t seem that long but I certainly don’t think that 26-year-old me had any idea of the highs and lows the years to come would bring. One thing’s for sure – I’m so glad that that man asked me to marry him because there’s no one else I would have rather experienced these adventures with, that’s for darn sure!

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