Getting Away: Packing for a toddler

Later this week we’ll be taking off on our first flight with our little dude, heading down to visit whanau in Christchurch. We’ve been watching the Bubble Guppies’ plane episode on repeat, talking about how it’s important to have our seat belt on in the plane otherwise it can’t take off! The biggest challenge for this over-planning mama is to fit everything we may need into three cabin bags and two large suitcases; I always tend to over- rather than under-pack. I am the queen of wedging things in (I was a camp counsellor for multiple holiday camps in my teens, so became somewhat a professional at repacking cases) and he’s going to have a super stylin’ holiday wardrobe but what I thought I’d include today were some of the more unusual items we’ll be taking.

Cloud B Sleep Sheep Smart Sensor

This is CJ’s usual white noise maker for daycare (he has a separate white noise maker for home) but does double purpose as his snuggle toy as well, meaning one less thing to take. I know that some people can be against white noise but it’s one of our key ingredients in enabling CJ to sleep anywhere. What we like about the smart sensor Sleep Sheep is that it only runs for 45 minutes and then thereafter only makes noise if triggered by CJ making sound – a little less disruptive to mama’s sleep if the walls are paper thin.


*Scentsy Buddy: Penny the Pig

I’m not going to pretend I’m the world’s most crunchy, ecofriendly hippy mum but I am a huge believer in aromatherapy; I carry a little roll-on of a headache blend in my work bad that nips a throbbing skull in the bud every time. We were lucky enough to receive Penny the Pig from Wickless Candles NZ to try out and we’ve become huge fans. Penny has a lavender pod in her belly and makes his room smell lovely – even when he’s done things to make it not smell so lovely. We love the calming scent of lavender and having it with us will make the room smell like home and hopefully ease any of his tension about being somewhere completely different.

Trunki Ride On Case

CJ isn’t yet walking independently but he loves strolling around with his ride-on toys as a walker. There’s absolutely no way that either this or this will fit in his suitcase though! I’m super happy that his cabin luggage will also double as a walker for him, both at the airport and at our destination. They can be a little bit pricier than your usual cabin luggage but I see this getting solid use over the next few years’s travel and think that anyone aged 1-6 is going to love it!

I’m getting SO excited about this trip and seeing my cousin whom I haven’t been able to see in ages due to our pregnancies and other life circumstances. Wish us luck on this plane trip and that we get good seat companions that don’t mind a very excited little lad!

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