Currently – the June 2015 edition


Big boy bed…say what?

Reading Resistance is Futile by Jenny T Colgan – sci-fi, romance; the Big Bang Theory on steroids? I’m really struggling to come up with the right description for this novel but it’s a delightful novel and I’ve never read anything quite like it – it gets the two thumbs up from me.

Surprising myself by standing up for myself rather than letting an ill feeling simmer. It might surprise people who know me in a social aspect but historically I’ve been very non-confrontational at work… I guess I’m feeling feisty in my old age. It didn’t get the result that I was hoping for, but I’m still glad that I did it.

Noticing a big difference in CJ’s attitude over the last week. Man, that fifteen month testosterone burst is a kicker, huh? He is crazy, hooning around like a maniac, yelling at the top of his voice… fun times! Luckily his daycare buddy has just come out the same side of the same testosterone burst so we know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel!

Wearing the soles out of my Skechers – as much as my work wardrobe is veering more than ever towards dresses and skirts, I’m still rocking the slip-on sneaks. Thirty’s not too old to be rocking the skater girl look right?

Smelling absolutely nothing, which is the weirdest feeling. Stupid head cold.

Feeling busy but in control. It’s interesting – there is so much on my plate at the moment but it all feels manageable. It’s really got me thinking about what is that thing that tips us over the edge… I’m sure I’ve had less on my plate and felt more stressed and so I’m really curious now about what creates that tipping point in me.

Hoping that I don’t hear of any more bad news this week. Pure coincidence but on Wednesday I heard of the deaths of two former colleagues, a teacher and a workmate from my marketing and PR days. Both older but both somewhat unexpected – incredibly sad.

Listening to older songs and being mind-boggled by the messages in the lyrics – see Surf City and Georgie Girl for songs that made me go o_0

Ready for CJ to start walking, so frustrating that he is showing no interest. Have to keep reminding ourselves that almost every kid walks eventually!

Buying linen for CJ’s big boy bed – we were completely unprepared for his decision to move to his big boy bed last week. I’ve got my eye on some cosy dinosaur flannelette sheets at Kmart and hoping to pick them up this weekend.

Loving little parcels in the mail – especially when they’re for me. I don’t often spoil myself and it’s so nice to receive little things that make me feel and look better – Instagrams to come

Getting into the working mum groove – my current experiences are making me feel more sure that my aim is to work 3/5 or 4/5 of a full teaching load upon my return next year and I’m hoping that my current workplace will work with me on this.

Watching Grey’s Anatomy – it’s my ONE show. With so much on at the moment, my chill-out time is so limited but this is the one show that I still make time to watch. I know it’s probably not a fashionable thing to admit to, but I’m really loving some of the storylines this season although I know there’s an absolute of a tearjerker of an episode coming up thanks to the fact that we are lagging so far behind the states.

My life is full – today is no exception as CJ and I are meeting up with friends both new and old before I head out to Papa M’s work dinner. The usual winter social hibernation doesn’t appear to be arriving and I think in time we are probably going to start saying no and creating a space for quiet. For now though, we’re going to enjoy the buzz and make hay (and try and wear out a testosterone – fuelled toddler) while the sun shines.

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