If I was a Rich Girl…

Na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na naaaa! #flashbackfriday

Seriously though, we all have fantasies as to what it would be like to come into a lot of money. Our family is solidly middle class and I’m okay with that. We have all that we need, which is certainly more than many in our community can say. As I washed my extremely thick hair in the shower one night, I got to thinking what frivolous things I would spend on if money was no object.

First up, I’d definitely get weekly hair styling appointments. Too often my hair just gets bundled up in a bun due to lack of inclination (and personal space – OMG the fifteen month testosterone burst) to spend time straightening my hair. It would be so luxurious to just lie back and get a wash and blow dry once a week and step out feeling completely put together.

I’d start up again with my tri-weekly nail appointments. Before I was a parent, this used to be my little treat but now that CJ is around I just don’t feel like I can be so frivolous – there’s always something else to spend on! But the sad fact of life is that I am far too uncoordinated to paint the nails on my right hand so I either need to factor this into a budget or be resigned to naked hands.

I’d buy a holiday home near a beach. While we like to travel to all sorts of locations, there’s something so restful about living on the coast, seeing the water every day and breathing in the sea air. Living full time by the seaside is just not a practical move for us right now but having a place that we could weekend out? Dreamy.

I’d make sure we travelled! Internationally, one family trip and one couple trip per year. I’d plan that we visit all the places that we’ve not reached yet in our own country and start crossing off every single destination on our travel bucket list.

I’d work, but probably not as a teacher. I’d have the finances to send CJ to daycare three days a week without worrying about an income, so I’d finally have time to sit down and finish my novel. I definitely enjoy having a career outside of just being “CJ’s mum” and so I’d like that to continue.

I’d completely remodel our house. This surprises me a little – I would have thought that with money being no object, I would have just moved elsewhere. But I like our house, and I love the location. It’s all that we need – the bare bones anyway. It just needs one hell of a facelift.

Speaking of, post-second child I’d get a breast reduction/lift and a tummy tuck. That whole situation is just not what it used to be.

Thinking about this gives me a warm fuzzy feeling though – there’s nothing glaringly obvious that’s missing from my life. If anything it’s made me think about how content I actually am with my current situation and that’s something to feel truly blessed about.

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3 thoughts on “If I was a Rich Girl…

  1. #1 – buy a freaking house!

    #2 – probably a reliable car

    #3 – maybe start a business (him not me)

    #4 – good food and travel!

  2. So funny, I was just watching this video on YouTube yesterday! So many memories!
    I think if I was rich I would build my dream house in a dream location and I wouldn’t worry about all the mundane, stressful stuff that comes with building because I would pay people to do the stuff I didn’t want to do for me haha. I’d just do the fun stuff. Designing and decorating 😉
    I’d buy us new cars.
    I’d travel more. Little trips and big ones.
    Just say yes to lots of things. Like concerts, plays, etc etc. The stuff that you sometimes have to turn down because you can’t afford it that month. I’d just do all of it whenever I wanted to!
    But like you, I really do have everything I need. And that’s all that matters. Anything else is just icing on the cake. We’re very lucky to be able to say that.

  3. I was thinking about this the other week too when I was whinging how Id love to win lotto- first issue is- you’ve got to be in it to win it & I’m too much of a Scrooge to enter lotto!
    Here’s my list-
    * Id take leave without pay for 12 months to travel
    *buy or build a house
    * New car- bye bye Lanos
    * pay off my debts
    * give my sister a bit for a house & my parents some for a holiday
    * I love work & I love the impact my current job has on helping young people find their potential through employment so I would donate a portion of money to start a social enterprise cafe/bakery or grocer in Hobart for young people to gain pain employment experience
    * don’t tell anyone, but I’d probably go back for (more) study- psychology!

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