Don’t be the frog



A bit of a different piece today… equally applicable to family life as it is to an abundance of other situations. Recently I’ve been in a bit of a unique position, back at my old place of employment but not in the same job. It’s been very interesting to look at the place with fresh eyes and a fresh mind.

So often we are like the frog (or the chef, in the case above) – so immersed in the situation that we can’t see that there might be a different way. We assume that all the negatives are just “the way things are” – and a lot of the positives too. We’re often blinder to the bigger picture or a different view… not deliberately but just because we forget to look. We’re so immersed in the now that we don’t think of the future. We chug along doing what we’ve always done because it’s always worked for us.

“Don’t fix what’s not broke”

“Is it really worth rocking the boat for?”

I’m really grateful for this time before I return to my job properly next year. It’s given me an abundance of clarity about what I actually want to do, what I value and how I see our future as a family progressing. It’s been easier for me to speak up, coming back, because my life has changed dramatically in the time that I’ve gone. If I’m going to be a working mother, I am going to make damn sure that the decision is the best thing for me and my family. Things may not be broken but if I can work out a better process that means I get to spend more time with my kid – heck, yeah, I’m going to fight for it. And CJ will ALWAYS be worth rocking the boat for.

And even if there is only you that you’re responsible for, know that you are worth rocking the boat for too.

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