Kick that bug’s butt with zinc?

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I have spent the last weekend with a head cold, my second in the space of a month. Whilst I’d rather have me sick than the little dude any day of the week, it’s a bit rough working though colds (contract work) or spending the weekends laid up when there’s dozens of things I could be doing rather than snorting my brains out into piles of tissues. When visiting the doctors for the last lingering cold, he mentioned that zinc deficiency was common in mothers with young children and gave me a supplement, warning that I might need more.

Now I knew that CJ was a little iron vampire while he was in the womb (my iron stores got down to 7 – I was tired ALL the time), so I was fully prepared to accept that he’d sucked the life out of me in other ways. My nails are absolutely fragile and my hair is STILL falling out, sixteen months postpartum, which can also be a sign of zinc deficiency. What I didn’t know is that zinc is part of your body’s natural healing process, helping heal wounds and fight viruses. Apparently postpartum zinc deficiency, heightened by breastfeeding) can also lead to postpartum depression, which makes me wonder whether that was part of the reason my mood improved once CJ weaned.

Last winter I didn’t really get colds, but to be perfectly honest we didn’t manage to get out of the house. This year we’re fully immersed in daycare and work germs and my body’s lack of ability to fight them is a big deal. I’m hoping that this Zinc Fix I’m taking does actually fix the issue and give me my awesome hard-earned immunity back. If you’re a new mum or just feeling constantly under the weather this winter, check with your doctor whether your zinc needs a little boost too!

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  1. It can be so easy to get deficient in different things, and easy to forget how much this can affect the way your body works (especially when you are a super-mum/blogger/amazing person who is already run off her feet all of the time!). Hope the supplement helps and that you are feeling better asap xxx

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