10 Totally Random Facts About Me

  While driving to get my brows waxed today, I had a flashback to a really random experience I had as a fourteen year old (perks of living in your childhood home) and thought that I’d share some of the random facts of my life that you may or may not know. So starting off with the memory that triggered it all off:

  1. When I was fourteen I went out with my friends and our younger sisters and we were all catching the bus back to our place. Instead of dropping us off on the main road, the bus driver drove down our winding street and dropped us off literally outside our house. Even in hindsight I can’t tell whether that was cool or creepy.
  2. My first love cheated on me, which was lame enough as it was. But then the girl he cheated on me with said he was the father of her kid (he wasn’t), they got together, and SHE proceeded to stalk ME for another year before I moved out of home. Feel free to agree with me that the whole situation made zero sense.
  3. I had an obsession with languages growing up – at one point I had fluent French, plus had taken classes in Russian and Mandarin. I wish we’d been able to raise CJ bilingual. I’d like to be able to speak both Te Reo and Samoan.
  4. My debating coach hit on me the year after I left high school. I returned to the school for an event and he came onto me so obviously that even my sister’s friends picked it up. I mean, bless him for not making a move when it would have been tantamount to serious malpractice but it did make me rethink all those times we’d been alone in a room at lunch time.
  5. As pathetic as it sounds, what I miss most about my pre-kid days is the ability to sit on the couch and read books cover to cover with no one to worry about but myself.
  6. I love being 30. I don’t know whether it’s the age or my stage of life but I’ve never been so sure of who I am or what I want as I am now.
  7. I desperately want someone I know to get married in the Pacific Islands so we have an excuse to go there. I feel like we can’t take money away from our saving goals otherwise.
  8. I resent the cat, but only in the afternoons. It’s just too much when I get in from work and I’m trying to get CJ’s dinner sorted before he throws a fit and then the cat starts up and half the time bunts the cat biscuits off the table because I’m not moving fast enough.
  9. I ate like absolute garbage last week and lost weight… Proof that I’ve no idea how my body works. 
  10. The angriest I’ve ever seen my dad is when I tore the ligaments in the top of my right foot three days before we flew out to Disneyland. I’d been jumping off the fence using a plastic bag as a parachute, only this time my shorts caught on the fence and I gave myself the wedgie of my life before landing funny on my foot. I was on crutches for the first couple of days of our holidays but was pretty sweet after that.

If you’ve got a random story or fact to share, I’d love to hear it!


3 thoughts on “10 Totally Random Facts About Me

  1. This is such an interesting list of facts! It has me musing now about strange experiences I’ve had. We had a hot teacher at school, I wish he would hit on me now hahaha

    • He wasn’t terrible on the eyes, but the fact that I still thought of him as Mr. So-&-So kind of put the kibosh on it. Mum was like “He’s only 27, go for it if you want” 😂

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