Getting back on the (healthy) horse: Feeding my body well

If you have been reading for a while, you will know that this year I’m hoping to get my health and fitness back on track on year – initially this was fully weight-focused but increasingly it’s also been looking at the proper fuel and supplements that my body needs to get back on track. The more I research, the more I find out just how many women are incredibly depleted after pregnancy and breast-feeding. I’d love to fix this by diet alone but I am taking some supplements to pick up the slack and try and get me on track quicker.


I was super-excited when Food Compass reached out to me recently and asked me to trial some of their products. Being so time-poor lately means that I’m sticking with my tried & true grocery list, whether I’m hauling a grumpy toddler through the supermarket at lightning pace or placing an online order for groceries while watching Grey’s Anatomy late at night. While it’s super-efficient, it’s not necessarily the best choices for fueling my body. I chose to be surprised and their fantastic team selected some delicious “treats” for me to try.


I was a little bit suspect about this “primal chocolate“. I’m not going to lie, having a kid has given me a sweet tooth that I NEVER had before. It turned out to be the perfect treat to fuel myself up during that afternoon lull, when CJ was napping and I usually feel like it too. It gave me a subtle kick – different to that of the refined-sugar kick I usually get from a Pixie Caramel (my poison of choice) and still conned my brain into thinking it had a treat. The Inca Bar was great for this too, but I think my brain needs that chocolatey taste.


If I’m driving long distances, I’ll usually stock the car up with a soft drink just to avoid weariness upon arriving at my destination or at home. CJ and I decided to day-trip down to Tauranga (2-2.5 hours driving from here) and I popped this Blackcurrant & Apple Chia Drink in the car. Boy, it was spot on. It’s not sugar-free (it contains blackcurrant and apple concentrate for a total of 7.5/100g) but it’s a lot better than what I would usually load in my body. I liked that this contained natural electrolytes too – I ALWAYS fail to hydrate properly when driving long-distance because I’m so worried that I’ll need a bathroom break in the middle of nowhere!

There are some other products that we’re still working out how to incorporate into our diet. I’m going to attempt a bolognese-type meal with the gorgeous beetroot noodles on Sunday and we’ve got refined-sugar-free teriyaki stir-fry on the menu next week. I’m really keen to incorporate this coconut-based sweetener into some baking this weekend but I think it might take some trial-&-error to get the mix right.

The Food Compass website is incredibly easy to use. I especially loved:

1. That you can easily filter by the products that suit your diet
Paleo, Low FODMAP, Dairy free, Nut Free, Organic….
2. You can sort the products by nutritional information
By lowest sugar, fat or highest protein.

Those two options alone are SO time-saving for a busy mum, let alone the fact that you can order online and have it delivered right to your door. It’s got a tonne of well-known New Zealand products so it’s got that “shop local” feel as well. I’m so rapt that they chose the products that they did and highlighted for me a couple of food habits I have that really need to be knocked on the head.

So here’s the exciting part:

Right now if you sign up to the Food Compass newsletter (before the end of July) you go into the draw for an epic food pack – and I mean epic. Just pop over to their site (you’re going to do that to have a browse anyway, right) and sign up and you are in the draw.

And if you are a NZ reader, click through to visit the Sweet Mama M Facebook page to be in to win a fantastic prize pack including a delicious Food Compass product valued at $39.99!


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