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I have this theory that the NZ band Six60 is one of the only universally acceptable CDs to have playing in your car. Regardless of who I’m driving with, there’s generally no complaints and often a few compliments. It’s all good CJ, we’ll just leave playing Tay-Tay until we have the car to ourselves! Shake it off, shake it off…


  • It’s back to work and daycare for us this week. No long-term contracts for me this term which is both yay and boo. The constant money coming was definitely amazing but being fully back in the driver seat was exhausting. My self-care is going to have to be AMAZING next year if I’m going to survive going back full time.
  • We’ve put off one of our goals of going to the Islands off for this year. We’re loosely planning to buy the house we live in sometime in the next couple of years so we need to make sure that we have our house deposit solidly in the bank. It was one of those horrid grown up decisions that was really hard to make but we’re so lucky that in the Auckland housing market we’re even likely to have this opportunity. Once we have the deposit in the bank, we can reassess. Maybe next year?
  • I’m a bit hesitant to say that we have a walker, but we definitely have a “few-stepper”. It’s totally like he doesn’t want to look unco so he doesn’t want to walk if he’ll look “silly”. That, and it’s nowhere near as fast as his racing crawl. That shizz is ridiculous.
  • We took a mid-week day roadie to Tauranga. We pretty much ate the entire time we were down there and then stopped for CJ’s first fish and chip meal on the way home. He LOVED it… bless, a boy after his mama’s heart. I had to laugh though, he’d had such little sleep the entire day that he was overtired when it came to dinner time and kept running away while we were waiting for our order then dissolving in fits of giggles when I would catch him before he got to the carpark. At least I was pre-emptively burning off the calories?
  • I’m really struggling with fitting in exercise into our schedule now that my husband is working later. I need to work out some way around this, whether it’s CJ staying an hour later at day-care (I usually pick him up straight after work but I could do something in between if his carer was open to it?) or something… I do need to work this out though. Being active during the day and diet can only do so much.
  • We took CJ to see Paw Patrol at the movies – some Hoyts theatres were showing several episodes in a movie cinema as part of their Hoyts Jr programme. Paw Patrol is one of the shows that he absolutely loves and seeing as they were episodes rather than one whole story we figured it was a better “starter movie” than a feature length film. He lasted 50 out of the 60 minutes (we were AMAZED) but the look on his face when he realised what the movie was was SO gorgeous. It made me so happy that we took him to the movies.
  • Bugs are still flying around our house. CJ has just got over a throat-inflammation thing and for the first time this winter (knock wood) I didn’t get sick! I’m not going to give all the credit to the zinc powder but I definitely think it’s helping. We’re huge fans of the Kiwiherb Children’s range too – I definitely think it helps kids bounce back faster.
  • Although it’s NOWHERE near happening, I randomly (like I was just about falling asleep) came up with an awesome name for our second child should we have another boy. I told hubby and he liked it but also suggested another and now we have two potential kid names that we could use in future. Yay! Random… as we know, I’m not a great preggo so I have to have some exciting things to look forward to.
  • I’ve realised recently (and even the reference is probably dated as hell) that as much as I always wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw off Sex in the City, I’ve come to appreciate that I am so much more a Charlotte York… and I’m TOTALLY okay with that. Gosh, look at me getting all mellow in my old age and all comfortable with myself. It feels nice.

So yeah, that’s a snap shot of life as at stands right now… I’m at peace with the way that everything is floating along and excited for the things that are on the horizon for me and the whanau… and that feels like a very good place to be.

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2 thoughts on “Currently: July 2015 edition

  1. I love these little catch ups! Sounds like you’ve been busy bees this month but that you’re having fun too!
    Unfortunately I would complain if Six60 was on. I cannot stand them and avoid them as much as possible.

    • You are the first person I know to say that. Never mind, I’ll have to put something else on if you are in the car!

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