Where We Ate: June/July Edition

We make no bones about it, we are definite foodies in this household. We love to dine out, both as a couple and as a family – for us life is more about experiences than stuff. So each month or two, we bring you “Where We Ate”, a post that outlines the new places we’ve tried and hopefully encouraging you to try a few new places too!

OKO Dessert Kitchen


After an extremely noisy dining experience at Elliot Stables we decided to escape to the relative quiet of Aotea Square for dessert. It was our first visit to OKO and we were glad to have friends to advise us of the pros and cons of the menu (try the Volcano, rather than the Balloon) as there was the possibility of some missteps, such as the lime milkshake that M-Daddy ordered. The desserts were good, but in a city in which Giapo and Milse are the King and Queen of dessert restaurants, you need to bring more than your A-Game. There was a group of small children who had just been to the cinema as part of a birthday celebration and came here for dessert – that, I thought, would be the ideal target audience.

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Passito Italian Restaurant


I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Zomato meet up at Passito – I must admit that I don’t often venture down this end of Ti Rakau Drive but I’m really glad I did. The food was good and service amazing for large parties (I’ll definitely be bearing this in mind for future extended-family dinners) but the real star of the evening was the stellar plating and taste that came with the desserts. It was totally beyond what I was expecting and I was very impressed.

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Had to break it up with a non-dessert pic… I have a sweet-tooth problem 😂

When you happen to have a sunny midweek day off work in the middle of winter, what do you do? Head to the beach, of course! When thinking of kid-friendly beaches, Maraetai immediately springs to mind so we headed out to the East Coast. We’ve been past Bach’n on weekends before and always found it full to the gills so I was pleased to have the opportunity to finally eat there. The food was innovative and delicious but the beverages left something to be desired – I’d definitely be keen to try again on the weekend (hopefully with a different barista).

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Sugar Town


When down in  Mount Maunganui recently, we followed a sign from the main street into one of the cutest cupcake parlours I’ve seen in quite a while. The decor is to die for, creating a lovely serene atmosphere – at least while my toddler was eating! While their menu range is limited, what they do, they do well. The ratio of cupcake to icing is amazing and the mocha I had was delicious. Well worth supporting if you are in the area and they also do special occasion cakes!

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I found Canopius, a whole-food based cafe, in the main street of Papakura township. Despite being mid afternoon they still had a broad range of cabinet food available and I selected a delightful slice of carrot cake with a dairy-free coconut and maple whipped topping. This hit the spot perfectly, perking me up without giving me a ridiculous sugar high. I also tried their CoCoMo coconut mocha beverage and while the taste took a bit of getting used to (I usually take my mocha with lactose-free or soy milk), it was definitely one that I would try again.

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Firm favourites revisited: Pepperjacks, Nick’s Cafe, Ginger Indian Restaurant.

If you’ve got any favorites to share, from the wider Auckland area, I’d love to hear them!

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