Things I want to remember #1

To use the old cliche, time is flying and I know that I won’t always be able to call to mind all the adorable things that CJ does that make me smile right now. So here’s one of this soppy posts that you can skip over if you aren’t in the mood for a sugar rush.


  1. Every time we leave daycare he has to give everyone a high five and say “See Ya!”
  2. “Shall we go home?” “Gome” “Go home?” “Ya. Gome”
  3. Any time Paw Patrol comes on the TV he grabs one of his stuffed dogs and sits down to watch “PiuPeeyool”
  4. He gives kisses like the mafia kiss of death in The Godfather II – two hands each side of the head and a big whopper right on the middle of your face.
  5. He is totally the best right now at giving cuddles, although sometimes it’s to his pair of bunny slippers
  6. He does a mean Lil’ Jon impression… “Yeayah” “Okay” 😂
  7. He totally psyches himself up to walk (which he is getting better at every day) – “Okay. Walkie walkie walkie walkie. Uh oh. Up. Walkie walkie walkie walkie”
  8. He loves to count, which usually awesome, apart from when you give him to the count of three. I start by saying “One…” and he chimes in “Two…” – so darn proud of himself!
  9. His favourite things right now to play with are his cars and trucks, his ride-on toys, mega blocks and the cat… the last one is less than amused about being a favourite.
  10. Since his carer has become pregnant, he is so much better with babies but still a little jealous if I am cuddling babies or kids other than him. Pretty rich seeing he borrows someone else’s mummy all day on the days that I’m at work!

This is such a fun age! I’m really looking forward to what the months ahead bring.

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