Loving It 17.8.15

I’m not a perpetually perky person but there are things in life that just make me glow and the Loving It series is a way for me to share these things with you.


The beach at night… beautiful

Talk about missing the bandwagon completely (story of my life) but I’m totally addicted to podcasts right now. It’s going to sound super stupid but I didn’t realise that you can actually download them to your device and I didn’t want to waste my data! Now that I’m slightly less stupid, I have a few of my favourite bloggers’ podcasts downloaded to my phone and it makes housework so much easier.

West Coast Cocoa Merchants Peppermint Hot Chocolate – we got this at the Food Show and it has been amazing. I’m having a mug as I write this and it’s making my day about a million times better.

The Marmite Fingers Metaphor by fellow Kiwi Mummy Blogger Melissa – I’m totally guilty of this too.

The fact that as he’s started walking, CJ has started having these epic day sleeps. I know it won’t last forever but I can get SO much done in the 2.5/3 hours that he’s down.

Life is not a meritocracy – so true!

I love my hairdresser. It totally gets up my nose when people offering me a service try and get me to tee up another appointment as I’m leaving. If you’ve just clicked my back in, I’m probably going to wait until it’s sore before coming back. If you’ve waxed my brows, it’s going to be that delicate balance of time without child and not letting them stray into bush pig territory – and I have no idea when that intersection is going to happen. My hairdresser never pressures me to make the next appointment, laughing when it’s been seven months since I last went, and we have the best chats. She’s just about to go on maternity leave and we joked that the next time I get my hair cut she’ll probably be back!

Becoming closer with friends who are just beautiful people that make me feel so good about being myself… more of this please!

On that note, this gorgeous wee piece on BFFs by the infinitely awesome Smaggle

Hope you have an amazing week, readers!

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  1. I used to feel the same way about appointments, but since I’ve had Nix I have started booking in advance at the hairdressers and it’s changed the way I do things. Even if I have to reschedule it’s only within a couple of days of the original appointment and I’m not left HATING my hair for weeks before I can get in to see my fave gal. Thanks for including my post love xx

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