Two little words…

I love writing and words and meaning. I blog as much as me as I do for anyone else who reads because above all, my heart needs to write. I love crafting things that mean exactly what I want to say and that make people feel exactly how I want them to feel. As a result, I probably put far too much meaning into the words that other people say – hello lying in bed at 2 a.m. – but it’s got me to thinking about what words mean the most to me right now.

And it’s not those three little words that everybody raves about. It’s only two.

Thank you.

Thank you means that my son is learning manners. It means that he’s beginning to understand to be grateful for the things he receives. It means he respects the help that he is getting. It means that I’m doing something right as a mum and that I’m hopefully raising a boy into a man that will be respectful, gracious and kind.

Thank you means that my husband sees what I am doing to create the best life I can for my family. It means that he can see that I am tired and weary and he appreciates the effort that I have put in before he even walks in through the door. Thank you means that I’m respected for the talents I bring that make up half of our marriage. And sometimes that thank you means even more than the “I love you” that is so easy to throw out there.

Thank you means that my colleagues value my input. It means that they see the time that I’ve spent with a student to help them grasp a concept. It means that they are grateful for me helping them out of a sticky spot. Thank you means that I’m appreciated for my merits and that I’m considered part of the team.

Feeling unappreciated is so incredibly disheartening and it takes so little to extend a thank you. Two seconds, two words. Why wouldn’t you?

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  1. Haha I kid you not, I’m actually TOLD OFF regularly by people for how often I utter “thank-you”, but seriously, I don’t think they’re two words that are spoken frequently enough! Expressing gratitude for the amazing people in our lives, and all of the wonderful things that they do, is so important 🙂

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