CJ @ 18 months

Despite the toddler tantrums, this is totally my favourite age – although I feel like I’ll probably end up saying it at every age from here on out! Getting to pick this guy up after a work day and go on fun adventures together is one of my life highlights, even when he falls into duckponds or refuses to get off the playground.


  • He is a total water-baby. I truly believe he’d stay in his baths until they were freezing cold. I’m so looking forward to summer and loads of beach days.
  • He walks like a total pro. I think that one of the benefits of being a late walker is that he was cognitively ready to understand concepts of climbing in and out of doors, up and down steps and catching himself as he stumbles. I really wish I hadn’t spent that time worrying that something was wrong but first-time-mamas can’t be told.
  • He is obsessed with Hairy McLary books to the point that he will actually read along with some of the words. My favourite is when we read Hairy McLary, Shoo and he blurts out “SHOOOOOO” every time.
  • Speaking of shoes, our formerly bare-footed boy is obsessed. He loves his shoes, his dad’s shoes, my shoes and your shoes if you visit our house. He’s deeply troubled if we take him in the car if he doesn’t have his shoes on and he’ll happily walk around our house with one of our shoes on each hand, dragging a massive shoe along with one foot. This does create some problems when I’m looking for the other one of my pair of shoes as I’m about to do the daycare drop offs.
  • He has the sass-face down! We’re at that delightful age where he knows what he’s doing is wrong and will do it anyway, with the cheekiest grin ever on his face. So hard to be angry, but mum-the-disciplinarian has to be.
  • He’s settling in to his new carer SO well. It’s just a temporary fix to cover me until the end of the academic year (I start back with full-time employment at the start of next year) but it’s nice to know that he’s settled so well and is SO happy. His new carer has a girl who is about 15 months older than him and a boy who is three months younger and he’s slotted nicely in the middle. The fact that they have a train table sure doesn’t hurt!
  • His vocabulary is expanding at a ridiculous rate, although for some reason some of his words sound very upper-crust British. Just think of the queen saying “hello”, “cat”, “hat” and you’ll get what I mean!

In some ways it surprises me how much this time of motherhood feels completely natural in a way that the first few months did not. There’s a flow to our days, whether I’m working that day or not, and a comfort in knowing that he really does love me not because I’m his source of food (he can already raid the pantry) but because I’m his mum.

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  1. My twin girls are also 18 months old and I can completely relate, especially how it completely glad feels so natural now then when they were just born. Motherhood is complicate and yet so rewarding 🙂

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