Loving It 05.10.15

After a week last week that (quite frankly) turned out nothing like I had expected or hoped, it seems like the perfect time to refocus on the things that are making me smile.


This book wall at a revamped local cafe. The same cafe also has a mini barnyard with rabbits, pigs and chickens outside and will be running a farmers’ market on Saturdays throughout summer. I can see that we’ll be back fairly frequently!

Seeing my son in a dressing gown for the first time. As a woman, wearing something that is not pants is second nature – I can’t remember the first time that I wore a dress, but I suspect it was before I could even sit upright. Putting CJ in a dressing gown, however, was hilarious. His entire life he’s worn pants or shorts (or nothing at all) and all of a sudden here is something that covers his bottom half but doesn’t join in the middle. Mind blown. He spent a good five minutes sitting on his mat just lifting up the hem of his gown, flashing his legs and giggling. Best $15 I’ve spent in a while.

This article on encouraging young readers – we do most of this too, there are always books that are available for CJ to read (although at this stage he’s not terribly gentle so they are mainly the hard, board book style ones)

Ordering my new computer – the MacBook Pro I have has served me well over the last six years but it’s time to upgrade. Also love friends who put up with all my tech questions – you know who you are and you’re amazing. Can’t wait till it arrives!

Pictures of my friends enjoying the NRL grand final – it was a crazy finish and how cool that they were there to experience it!

And in that vein – 10 Life Lessons I Learnt From Travelling, written by my good friend Lizzie. Love travel – I would choose experiences over objects absolutely any day of the week

Beautiful sunny days – spring is here and summer will come eventually. Looking forward to lazing on the beach, taking the little dude for a paddle.

Trying to take a leaf out of my girl Corrine’s book and view my problems in a new light – she amazes me with what she manages to achieve and I can only hope to be more like her!

And the quick fire round: peppermint chocolate ♥ fuzzy blankets ♥ long chats on the phone with close friends – you know we’re close if I will actually talk to you on the phone ♥ coconut milk ♥ friendly baristas ♥ being honest ♥ sockettes ♥ “Shut Up And Dance” by Walk the Moon ♥ pork chops

Until next time…