Getting back on the (healthy) horse: Getting Assessed

If you have been reading for a while, you will know that this year I’m hoping to get my health and fitness back on track on year – it’s not been the easiest journey but I’m getting there!


So my last “Healthy Horse” post, I told you all about how I had just joined a gym. Five weeks later, how is it going? I’m actually loving it! Despite some pretty stressful stuff going on, I’ve managed to hit my target of three visits a week all weeks bar one (where the entire house came down with a tummy bug) and I’ve actually found it helpful in keeping my stress levels down. It was a little nerve-wracking putting CJ in the gym creche for the first time but he is as happy as a clam and that left just one terrifying thing to tick off the list…

…my first personal training appointment.

I feel pretty healthy and fit within myself. I know that I’m carrying more weight than I should and I can’t just blame CJ for that, although pregnancy certainly didn’t help. After doing my first BodyBalance class I realised how weak my muscles were. I was more than a bit terrified of what she was going to say. I was even more terrified of the body composition assessment. Hiding from the results wasn’t going to achieve anything, however, so I booked the appointment, booked creche and took the plunge.

One of my key things was that I wanted to learn how to use the weight machines in the gym. Cardio isn’t too complicated but those big machines were incomprehensible to me – how do you decide what to do? My trainer took the time to draft me a programme then and there, knowing that kid-free time is very precious to me, and gave me a tour round the machines, making sure that I knew how to use them all properly.

And the thing I was most terrified about? My PT was actually really cool about my body composition assessment. It obviously showed higher fat and lower muscle mass than would be desirable, but she was all about setting realistic and achievable goals. She focused very little on the overall weight that was shown, saying that as we reduce levels of body fat and increase muscle, that the weight will take care of itself. One thing that was really interesting is that the scales also measure visceral fat – this is the unhealthy fat that congregates around your organs and can cause health issues. Mine was smack bang in the healthy range and that actually made me feel really positive about the changes that I’ve made so far.

I’m so glad I didn’t chicken out of this final hurdle. As well as acquiring new gym skills, I’m really excited to have this additional layer of accountability and tracking. I’m looking forward to getting strong as well as fit – and hopefully a little bit thinner as well!

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  1. You got this!! Awesome show of vulnerability with this post… you said what so many women (especially) feel. Keep it up. One day at a time, you’ll get that body fat down and muscle mass up!

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