Writing Inspiration: “Teenage Sky” by Rona Adshead

I’m currently working to complete my first novel – whether it is ever published or not is another story, but I want to prove to myself that I can do it! As part of getting my head in the game, I’m reading a lot – especially short texts and poetry – and I want to share some of my cool finds with you here.


A teenage sky at Yallingup, W.A. (personal photo)

Teenage Sky – Rona Adshead

There is a teenage sky this morning,

Budding from a hesitant horizon

Daubed with lipstick streaks of sunrise

And awkwardly draping the nubile hills

With tangled scarves of mist


Youthful day begins, unsure of its shape;

But confidence comes with stronger light

The sky pulls on its sturdy denim blue

Causing an anorexic crescent moon

To waste away in unseen pallor


Suddenly a defiant shower

Trips over its own sulky pout

Then, just as quickly, the sun

Begins to poke holes in the pockets

Of the still quietly weeping clouds.


Oh, teenage sky, made of mood and moment,

Take this as the morning of your life

Which is a beginning – not finality:

Strength of the noon hour is yet to be

When you will glow in your fulfilment.

I work with teenagers regularly and I think that’s what draws me to this poem. The start of a day in New Zealand, often tempestuous but full of promise, is very much a metaphor for the adolescent experience and vice versa. Beautiful words.