Currently: November 2015

With a huge amount of change going on in my life recently, I thought it would be interesting to complete one of these “Taking Stock” memes now. I’m really interested to look back on it in six months’ time and see if life has continued to grow and develop the way I hope it will.


Making: exciting plans that are slowly coming to fruition. Just a couple more pieces to lock into place before it all starts to feel real.
Cooking: Whatever I please. It sounds terrible but one of the perks of no longer being in a relationship with a picky eater is cooking whatever food pleases me. Last night it was dumplings… tonight I haven’t even eaten yet because I’m not hungry.
Drinking : Fresh, fruity beers – I think that with the amazing weather we’ve been having my body thinks it’s summer.
Reading: Some of my old favourites, although I do have a new book review for you coming up on Thursday!
Wanting: a crystal ball, so I can see how my future plays out.
Looking: out at the sunset, thinking that NZ is a pretty alright place to live.
Playing: Fire Truck Song on YouTube. Part of CJ’s Halloween costume was a firefighter hat and he loves to listen to the song while wearing the hat, and then we swap so we listen to the song and I wear the hat.
Wishing: That I had the kind of job where I could return to full-time work at any time.
Waiting: For the dryer to finish so I can make up my bed with fresh, clean sheets – best feeling ever.
Liking: Opening up my writing from not only my novel to other short pieces too, that I’m publishing on my other blog.
Loving: The gym, which I never expected to. I definitely feel better on the days that I go.
Pondering: about a conversation I had in the wee hours of Sunday morning, and what it all meant.
Hoping: That happily ever afters do exist, and that I’ll get mine one day.
Needing: A little bit of balance. I’ve been running myself ragged in the 24 hours a week that CJ is at his dad’s, trying to do all the things. While it’s probably something that I needed to get out of my system, I think that it’s probably now time to dial down on some of these commitments and just allow myself the time to relax and just be with my thoughts.
Smelling: My new perfume – still loving it as much as when I first tried it.
Admiring: Solo mothers like my friend Corrine who do it all with zero help. I think I would struggle really badly to do this all with no breaks.
Buying: not a lot, actually. Trying to behave myself at the moment.
Getting: A little something, just for me, on Wednesday. Check out Instagram if you want to see
Disliking: Toddler defiance. I know it’s a normal developmental stage but it would be great to have just one nappy change that wasn’t a wrestling match.
Feeling: Attractive. I know that’s a weird thing to say, but it’s true. I guess that the old Roald Dahl saying is true – “If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely”. I feel like I have much more room in my head for positive thoughts and maybe that is what is shining through.
Craving: Jalapeno poppers, and I have no idea why.