I don’t like my feet…

A funny thing to feel self-conscious about – right? I was laying out for my daily dose of Vitamin D (carefully timed within burn time limits) and looking down at my feet. Aside from my beautiful new foot tattoo, I don’t love the way they look. They’re large, the toes tuck under from years and years of ballet shoe brutality, both my big toenails are still in the process of growing back after ripping off at the end of last year. I currently have little sores on both my little toes from new shoes rubbing. I’m really trying to embrace my own beauty more, so I began thinking about the reasons why I value my feet, even if they are not my most attractive asset.


  1. They took an incredible beating in the dozen or so years of ballet and gymnastics in my youth. While being on my toes in my formative years bent bone in ways that now make them less appealing, they also still remember years later how to keep me on my toes, literally. It’s like having an in-built step stool whenever I need it.
  2. They bounced back far more readily than the rest of my body post pregnancy. I never had a huge issue with swollen feet until straight after CJ was born. No one told me that you feet can swell AFTER labour. They were absolutely massive – I couldn’t fit ANY of my own shoes. I looked like a hobbit. Yet three weeks later, they had bounced back with nary a stretch mark.
  3. They carry me far. On a regular basis, these feet support me on 5K+ walks without complaint. Looking at my feet I wondered what they would read if feet had odometers. I thought about all the places in which they have walked and thought about the adventures and the places they could walk in the future.
  4. They are teachers. CJ is very interested in learning how to do things by himself and each day as we get ready he watches me carefully as I put on my socks and shoes. He’s already so much better at “helping” me put his shoes on and my feet have a role to play in that knowledge.
  5. They make me feel amazing when they are being massaged. Once I get past the “don’t look at my feet” factor, I swear there are nerves in there that go straight to my brain’s relaxation zones. If I could justify a weekly pedicure and foot massage, I totally would!

It was an interesting experience, putting myself outside of my brain and my usual mindset to embrace my feet and what they actually mean to me. I love them, even if I don’t like them very much. It’s going to sound super cliche but as much as I consider them flawed, I wouldn’t be without them. I’d love to know if any of you reading have a part of you that feels flawed but that you’ve decided to embrace or whether it’s just me!



2 thoughts on “I don’t like my feet…

  1. I used to hate my curly/frizzy hair with a passion. Now? I like it! I’ve had a bunch of people tell me they wish they didn’t have super straight hair. So what, if it’s a little annoying to maintain. It’s still pretty cool.

  2. Lately, I’ve been hating on my legs a little more than I’d like to admit. I don’t like that I feel self conscious in shorts. My calves are always quite muscular, no matter what I do. But like you have seen how far your feet have taken you, I am pretty stoked my legs are strong and carry me through life well. I’ve always been a fan of walking. My legs have taken me some pretty cool places.

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