All I want for Christmas…

is yoooooouuuuuuuuuu. Haha, it’s not Christmas without the annual screening of Love, Actually and that beautiful song. And for me, this Christmas is definitely going to be more about the people around me than presents under the tree. My dad has very kindly contributed to a holiday I’m going on in January, I don’t have a husband buying me gifts anymore and CJ is too little to buy his mama presents so the majority of the presents under the tree will be for a certain little boy. I’m more than happy with that being the status quo – Christmas should always be super special for kids – and I’m blessed that I don’t actually need a lot, but I thought it would be fun to look at what I’d love to find under the tree if Santa really did exist.

New Exercise Gear


My love for Lululemon pants is well-known but they are too $$ for my budget right now. I’d love for Santa to bring me a pair to supplement my admittedly quite good pairs of compression leggings from The Warehouse. I’d also love a couple more tanks to work out in – especially seeing it is getting SO hot in summer – and I really like some of the slogan’s from Motivate Me’s M Fit range (see above).

Meadowlark Protea Stacker Ring (white gold, rose quartz, Size O LOL)


It’s been amazing how normal it’s felt to stop wearing my wedding and engagement rings. They are beautiful pieces of jewellery but to me they are filled with a sentiment and reason that isn’t there anymore. I’ll be holding onto them as heirlooms for CJ, but it definitely doesn’t feel right to wear them anymore. They did dress an outfit up, however, and now I have a bit of a hole in my jewellery wardrobe – my hands felt very boring and naked at the wedding I went to on Saturday night. I’ve got my eye on this stacker ring from Meadowlark to fill the gap as a right-hand-ring; I’ve even picked the metal and the stone I’d like! But at that price, I’m going to need to wait a little while to buy it LOL

Movie Vouchers and a baby-sitter

I love watching films and there are so many coming out at the moment that I’d be really keen to see. On a limited budget over summer, and with tickets being the price that they are, I’m going to have to be discerning about what I see in the cinema (Mockingjay Part 2 and Star Wars 7 as they’re action movies, obviously) and what I see later at home. If Santa brought me movie vouchers and managed to find me baby-sitters (especially at this time of the year, they’re like hen’s teeth), he would make my day!

Wonder Woman Hooded Robe


When I get down to my goal weight I’m going to be buying up all of the Pinup Girl Clothing website but for now I’m all about this hooded robe. I often joke (especially since becoming a solo mum) that I’m Superwoman, but I actually think that Wonder Woman is cooler. My current robe is nice, but starting to look a little shabby coming out the other side of two years with an infant. And this robe has a tiara. How cool is that???

A Koru Lounge membership

I’m getting excited about travel next year! Now that I can prioritise how I spend money, I’m looking forward to ticking a few things (not huge things) off the bucket list. My preferred airline is Air New Zealand (how patriotic of me!) and I had an amazing experience in their Koru lounges when I went on honeymoon – it ruined me for life. One of my already booked trips has a stop over either way and I would have loved to splurge on tickets to get lounge access but alas it is not to be, and I can’t justify buying a membership right now either. My only hope is that I hit silver status with the the travel I do in the upcoming year. It does make me laugh though, I’m happy to stay absolutely anywhere and call it “experience”, but given the chance, I like to fly in style.

So there you have it, my “totally materialistic and extremely unlikely to receive” Christmas list. Is there anything on your list that you’d love to get but know you won’t receive? I’d love to know.