Technology and the #fitmama

Literally all you need to get fit is a body, but I can’t deny that having a little technological assistance has made a huge amount of difference in my #fitmama journey. I thought I’d share a few of the elements that are making my health and fitness journey easier, fun and more accountable.

Online creche booking

This one is so simple but as a busy semi-working (soon to be full-time working!) mother, the ability to sit down late at night with my diary and to-do list and work out which days are going to work best to hit the gym… priceless.  I just log onto the gym website and choose the dates I want. Sure helps that the little dude loves creche too!


I have a workout group chat with two of my very dear Twitter friends (although sometimes it becomes more of a group therapy session LOL) and each Sunday we post our workout plans for the week. Creating this habit has been another way to make me more conscious about where exercise can fit into my life. On busy weeks I need to think about alternative ways of getting those workouts in if I’m not able to hit the gym and chatting with the girls can help me work through that.



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The big old accountability partner to my Twitter group. Plans are great but action is better and so we take photos or video mid/post workout to prove to each other that we were actually there. I didn’t always post these to my SnapStory (and if you don’t use SnapChat this probably makes no sense to you) but a couple of friends told me that seeing them there inspired them to work out, so now I do. I’m never going to be some #fitspo Instagram icon (and let’s face it, who wants to see an Instagram feed of videos of my legs walking on a treadmill) but having a small and select group of people know that I’m true to my fitness priorities has been really valuable to me.

Apple Music

I know there are other music streaming services (Pandora, Spotify, etc) but I’m a total iWhore and Apple Music is compatible across all my devices and just works for me. I have a couple of self-selected playlists or else I just flick on the Pop Workout radio station and bam, I’m in the zone. Music plays such a huge part for me in having a successful workout, especially now that I’ve realised that in my current phase of life I just want me time rather than group fitness classes.

Garmin VivoSmart

I know, for someone who is all about the Apple products, why don’t I have an iWatch? I would LOVE to try one out but it is all about the $$ (psssttt Apple, send me one for free? I’ll totally review it) and I’ve got bigger priorities for my cash right now. The VivoSmart does everything I need it to do, although I’m a little gutted that they’ve now brought out one that has the heart rate monitor option. Anyway… it has a myriad of functions useful across many areas of my life, but the step tracker definitely has huge value in keeping me moving on days where I don’t hit the gym. It also gives me a little boost when I get that GOAL! message during my morning workout and know I’ve still got a whole day of activity ahead.

Have you got a particular tech gadget that keeps you going? Or do you love to kick it old-school? I’d be interested to know!




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  1. You’re doing so well – and like you I love the little extra help that these tech tools give us. I just need to find a group like yours X

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