Confessions #2

This was a hit last time I did one of these posts, so let’s try it again. Today I would like to confess:

  • That while part of me is loving being single because I don’t have to cater for a picky eater partner… part of me is also loving that if I’m not feeling that hungry I don’t have to cook up a massive dinner. I can just have a bowl of cereal and an apricot.
  • That I snuck out of the house at night, aged fourteen, and walked two kilometres to see a boy after we’d had a big fight. This was before we had cellphones so I gave him a hell of a fright when I tapped on his window. Remembering his face still makes me laugh.
  • That I get irritated at the amount of focus that the NZ Police seems to put on marijuana, a largely victimless crime (no one goes home and beats the crap out of their wife and kids when they are high), yet we have domestic violence rates that no country should be proud of. It just seems so unbalanced to me.
  • That I am really awful at answering calls from blocked numbers after my high school boyfriend’s new girlfriend harassed me (yeah, you go figure that one) for my entire Seventh Form year.
  • That I’ve already decided what my next tattoo is going to be – I’m not going to give it away but it’ll be a reminder to take risks.
  • That I am looking forward to CJ going to his dad’s overnight this weekend (for the first time this month) a ridiculous amount. Mama’s gonna cut loose!
  • That I have been terrible at getting any work done on my novel – see previous confession for why. Hoping to hammer out some more when I’m on holiday.
  • That people who sit and chat on the weights equipment at the gym drive me crazy. Hop on, work out and hop off. There’s a whole lounge section for if you’re just catching up on what you did this weekend.
  •  That I miss my grandparents’ farm. Starting up the ATV, hooning out to the back of the property, hiding in the pine trees. It’s been almost fifteen years since my poppa died and it was sold and I still don’t think I’m over it.
  • That I’m terribly excited about some of the plans I’m making, even though they need a LOT more research before I’m ready to share. I know. TOTAL tease.

Anything you’d like to confess?



3 thoughts on “Confessions #2

  1. I confess that even though my latest food obsession (coleslaw with minimal dressing) is unexpectedly helping me to keep weight off (most pleasant surprise), it is also making me fart a lot (and I don’t even care) hahaha.

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