CJ Says #2

I love that I have a little talker and sometimes the gems that he comes out with make me laugh. In the last few months his language has just exploded and he’s actually a pretty decent guy to have a chat with. Here’s some recent giggle-worthy convos:


CJ, happy: “You sit dere you coffee, I sit my coffee”
Me, looking at his bottle: “Is that a coffee?”
CJ, heartbroken face: “No, it a bottle”

Me: What’s your favourite toy at the moment?
CJ: Bacon
Me: Bacon? Which one is Bacon?
CJ runs off, comes back
CJ: Boat Bacon! (Little People Ship Captain 😆)

Walking past CJ’s room in the morning, hearing snorting:
Me: What was Piggles saying?
CJ: Ola Ola OLA! (So I’m guessing he’s Spanish?)

CJ: Donalds Donalds Donalds!
Me: Yes, that’s McDonalds but we’re not going today
CJ: I go Donalds at daddy’s (little nark!)

CJ singing, at the most random moments: Paw Pole (Patrol), Paw Pole… daaadaaadaa DOUBLE! (joining the age old tradition of singing along even though you don’t know all the words)

The mispronunciations are what are absolutely killing me at the moment; asking for “stanky” (spaghetti) for dinner or “pepperbike” for motorbike. Before I know it he’ll be back-chatting me, arguing for reasons to extend his curfew so I enjoy these sweet moments while I can!



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