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Almost an entire month into 2016 and it’s shaping up to be a crazy year. Already had an amazing (life-changing? maybe) holiday that I’m still trying to process, I return to full-time work NEXT WEEK and I have a little boy who will be two in a month’s time. There’s a lot going on and so here’s 16 random things that I want to share but aren’t really substantial enough to be “grown up” blog posts of their own.

  1. I moved out of home at 17. While it wasn’t the smartest move to make financially, I don’t regret it. I grew up very fast and it shaped me into the person I am today. If CJ wants to move out of home at a young age (after completing high school) I’d be totally supportive.
  2. If you buy Seat + Bag on Air New Zealand flights that then transit and become Virgin Australia flights, Virgin will give you a meal anyway. I love Air New Zealand but this was a win/win scenario.
  3. A group of giraffes is called a “tower”.
  4. I once played a role in a play that required me to change tops mid-scene. High school friends still refer to “that time you were on stage in your bra”. It’s a pity, because it was actually the role in high school that probably had the most acting range for me and all anyone ever remembers is my breasts LOL
  5. I watched Jupiter Ascending despite terrible reviews because a) sci fi and b) Channing Tatum. It was still terrible and Mr Tatum is not in it enough to justify the watch. Just doing you a public service by letting you know.
  6. Related: does anyone else have Tatum/Dewing Tatum #relationshipgoals? I’m sure that they aren’t completely perfect behind the scenes (who is?) but something about the way they present themselves is just so real… you can’t fake that kind of awe when your wife is giving you a lap dance on international television LOL
  7. I’m more sad about changing gyms because CJ won’t get to go to crèche anymore than because of the exercise facilities. This is despite the fact that I can now change to a gym with less of a commute because he’ll be a full-time daycare kid and won’t need the crèche anymore. He’s got such a good relationship with the crèche mums but hopefully he’ll build that with his new carer too.
  8. If you lift a kangaroo’s tail off the ground, they can’t jump. It wasn’t until I visited Peel Zoo and got schooled by my Aussie friends that I realised the importance of a tail in kangaroos’ jumping. I just always thought that they had awesome thigh muscles.
  9. Related fact: I’m scared of snakes. I didn’t realise that the snake around the neck of the cashier at the Zoo was real until I was about to pay and saw it moving. I want to overcome this fear one day and eventually touch one.
  10. I really hate the phrase “indian giver”. I understand what the people using it are trying to communicate but the origins of the phrase are ridiculously racist.
  11. I’m glad I was the sober driver for the Six60 concert I attended last weekend – which was amazing (see my little Facebook review here)! The band was awesome so there was no dire need to get a buzz on to enjoy and bottles of wine were $50 – that’s like a 200% markup o_0. I did have a couple of small glasses out of the girls’ bottles though, because hello – concert in a vineyard.
  12. I still haven’t managed to find a maxi-dress I like this summer. I’m about at the point where I give up – I’ve been making do with short dresses to this point. I can wear those with tights as the weather turns to winter anyway.
  13. I’m so glad that I made the effort to go see The Eagles on their last Australasian tour. I went with my dad and remember talking about the fact that it might have been our last chance. I don’t know if they’ll tour again but it definitely won’t be the same without Glenn Frey. The Eagles were part of the soundtrack of my childhood and will always have a special home in my heart.
  14. I’ve thought long and hard about sharing my personal goals on the blog this year but I’ve decided that I’d rather keep them private. In the past I’ve felt like I needed external pressure (I’m not even sure that’s the right word) to get to my goals. This year I actually feel really focused on the things that I am hoping to achieve and I’m finding that intrinsic motivation in myself. It’s refreshing.
  15. As much as I love my son, as he becomes more and more a little boy I’m starting to reassess at what point I stop telling his story for him. I’m already becoming a lot more hesitant posting pictures on my more open social media (Twitter, Instagram) and I can see that this will probably be an ongoing thought process of how I keep digital memories in a way that best serves him. I certainly don’t have the answers yet.
  16. What I tell myself every time I feel down:



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  1. Indian giver – WTF! First I’d heard of it! (I also only recently learned of the term ‘irish twins’ though so maybe I’ve been living under a rock)

    I’ve been super vague online and I too am keeping my goals to myself. And as someone who also moved out at 17 (which has hugely shaped who I am, as well as my finances) I hear you on #1!

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