Kiwi In Perth Tips

So on my recent trip to Perth, there was a bit of gentle ribbing between my hosts and myself about my quintessential Kiwi-ness. From saying that my brain had turned to custard after a full day of flying to the fact that I’d packed two jumpers and a cardigan for a Perth summer, one could say that my feathered, flightless Kiwi underbelly was showing! I decided to do a bit of a tongue-in-cheek #KiwiInPerth hashtag on Twitter to collect some Perth tips to share with you if you are planning a trip to what I feel is a hugely underrated destination. Some of them might also help you even if you are hitting the Eastern States of Australia too!


This is not a specifically Perth or Kiwi tip, but evening swims and watching the sun go down is an A+ way to spend an evening (Floreat Beach)


  1. You do not need to take a cardigan with you everywhere you go. It will never be cold enough to need it

  2. When someone talks about a texta, they mean a felt tip pen.

  3. Native Perthians will bitch about the heat something chronic. This is their cultural right, similar to Wellington and the wind

  4. Honeycake is indeed amazing and def worth a try. Very sweet & rich though, don’t need a lot.

  5. They call ice blocks icy-poles here… Doesn’t particularly make sense but then neither does calling them blocks

  6. Some slang doesn’t translate and you will have your hosts in hysterics when you say something will “rip your undies”

  7. Licensed drinking areas in food courts

  8. When deciding to walk from the city to Kings Park, remember there’s a big f-off hill. Someone bring me an “icy pole”

  9. Massive McMuffins are called Mighty McMuffins here – true story. Apparently exactly the same, though

  10. Feeling the heat? You can pretty much cross the CBD Nth-Sth underground. Start at Carillion City and end at the Esplanade

While I joke about the culture shock, there’s no denying that Perth (well, WA as a whole) is a beautiful place that contains some of my absolute favourite people. If you haven’t considered a visit I definitely recommend you do!

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