CJ Says #3

Those moments when you feel like you are being trolled by your kid:

  • Me: Do you really need dessert? You had berries.
  • CJ: Yoghurt, peeeeeeeeezzzzz
  • Me (under my breath): Uuuugggghhh fine
  • CJ (whispering): Aaaaaahhhh yoghurt

Those moments when he tells you how it is:

  • CJ takes the box his Thomas The Tank Engine shoes came in out of the recycling and pulls the paper and tags out of it
  • Me: Oh no sweetheart, that’s rubbish
  • CJ: No mummy, not rubbish. It’s Thomas.

Those moments when he’s far too grown up:

  • I read the menu at the cafe to CJ
  • CJ walks up to the counter
  • CJ: Hi. Coffee peez and nuggets like Donalds (the waitress very kindly made him a fluffy rather than a coffee!)

Those moments when he shows his McDonalds obsession (boy, will I be glad when this phase of pointing out every single McDonalds is over – we don’t even go there that often!)

  • CJ: Donalds!
  • I look around: No darling, that’s not Donalds. That’s a KFC.
  • CJ: What dat?
  • Me: They do chicken
  • CJ: Chicken Donalds!!!!

Those moments when he likes to try his luck:

  • CJ: Mummy?
  • Me: Yes sweetheart?
  • CJ: Me a plane?
  • Me: Yes darling, we’re going to go on a plane this year.
  • CJ: Mummy?
  • Me: Yes, sweetheart?
  • CJ: Me a how-ee-copta? (Nice try bud, not this year)