Singing with no shame

I love to sing. To be honest, I have no idea whether I’m any good because most of my singing takes place in the car where my son is my only audience but it brings me joy so I don’t really care. While I have reasonable range, my voice definitely falls into the Alto range which makes singing along to Taylor Swift’s 1989 a little bit of a stretch sometimes. I think everyone has songs that their voice feels more comfortable in, and if you and I were in a Karaoke bar these are the songs I’d sing for you!

Jolene – Miley Cyrus

They’d probably only have the original Dolly Parton version but in my head I’d be trying to sound more like Miley.

Who Knew – Pink

I feel like Pink is completely underrated as a singer, especially in her more soulful ballads. I’d love to see her live one day.


My Immortal – Evanescence

Amy Lee; total goddess. Sounds exactly the same in real life as she does in recordings. Watching her play an acoustic version of this song in a small Auckland theatre still ranks up there as a life highlight.

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

Yup, he’s a dude. Yup, I often feel more comfortable singing tenor male parts than soprano female parts.



In The End – Linkin Park

I can totally do both the singing and the rap parts (thanks for the excessive air time, high school boyfriend) LOL

What would you sing for me?

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