Review: “The Method” by Shannon Kirk

When you pick a book about a sixteen-year-old pregnant girl being kidnapped, you have certain ideas in your mind. Frightened, helpless, scared. Lisa is none of those things. The tagline on the front of the book really says it all – they thought she was the victim but they’re the ones in danger. What happens when your usual scare tactics don’t work? What happens when your “victim” deals purely in rational thought? That’s what The Method explores.


Lisa is not your average teenage girl. With a disconnection from common feelings akin to Aspergers and an extremely high IQ, her response to being kidnapped and trapped is to immediately list all the assets available to her in order to escape. Once she has the equipment, it’s time to plot out the method, all the time getting to know her captors better. I’m not going to lie, the stark and cold voice of Lisa as a narrator creeped me out a little at times. I felt it much easier to warm to the other narrator, Special Agent Roger Liu.

With a few twists and an unexpected ending, this novel will very much keep you on your toes as you read along. This is definitely YA fiction with a difference – Lisa makes Katniss Everdeen look like a pussycat in comparison. It’s not surprising that it has already been optioned for a major motion film although one questions how some of the more brutal scenes will be translated to screen in a way that will meet censor criteria. If you’re looking for a thriller AND a quick read, this would be a great choice.

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