Now You Are Two

Warning: extremely mushy post ahead!

Two years and two days ago, my life was changed forever when I became your mum. I actually had no idea how overwhelmingly I would love you. You’re my best wee sidekick and having adventures with you is so fun. When my days are dark you are always my shining light that reminds me to smile.


Now that you are two:

We forget that you are only just two. You act so grown up for your age – if Mummy is eating lunch with a knife and fork, you must have them too. Your ability to talk, sing and play imaginatively are far beyond your age. Both your carer and I agree that we sometimes get surprised on the rare occasion that you act your age, where you don’t know how to do something or throw a frustrated tantrum, because it is so easy to forget that you are so young.

You are a great listener (well, most of the time). We can actually sit and have a conversation and I think that is really cool, even if most of the time you steer the conversation around to when we are going on a plane LOL. I thought it was adorable that at your birthday party you refused to blow out the candles because “Hot!” – you really listen to me when I tell you that things are dangerous and we haven’t had to kiddy-proof the house much at all!

I love your special words you have. I love how you say “betties” instead of berries – “boo-betties, staw-betties, rah-betties”. I was so heartbroken the other day when I asked where your captain was and you said “Cap’in?”. But then you found him and said “Baaaaaa-connnnn!” and all was right in my world again. I know that one day those “baby words” are going to disappear and so I’m really trying to enjoy these moments now. One thing I cannot wait to disappear is this “No Way!” sass mouth that pops up occasionally. I know you get a bit of your determination from me but it can drive your poor mama a little bit nuts, especially when I’m asking you to do something for your own benefit. And especially seeing I seem to be the only one who gets the pleasure of it. You use your company manners for everyone else LOL.

You are so social. You love going to daycare at E’s house. I think your favourite time of the day is when K comes home from school and you play together… I’m pretty sure you think you are seven years old too. One of the things that will actually make you cry (there’s not a lot) is when other kids at parks or playgrounds don’t want to play with you. You don’t understand the concept of not liking someone yet… I hope that you don’t grow out of that any time soon.

You love to sing and you are beginning to have the motor skills to really dance too. You have no idea how happy that makes your theatre-loving mama. I love our car sing-alongs and my heart melts when I hear you singing Six60 from the back seat (Fiiiiiiineeee myyyyy waaaayyyyyy hoooommmmmm)… solid parenting there. I was holding both your hands in mine as we danced in the lounge a couple of weeks ago and it struck me that one day I’ll be looking up into your eyes rather than down. I hope we’re still dancing then!

You LOVE animals. If our life was a little more settled, I’d love to get you a dog. But for now  you get lots of snuggles with the cat & dog at daycare and the bunnies at your outdoor playgroup. You also love going to the pet store and seeing all the different animals. If you don’t become a pilot (your current dream), maybe you’ll become a veterinarian.

I often joke with people that the reason I don’t want any more children is because I got it right the first time… I’m mostly kidding but I feel like it is kind of true. I can’t imagine having a better kid, a kid more suited to me than you are. I’m really looking forward to the next year’s adventures with you!

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  1. I adore this! You are such a talented writer and I wish I had the same way with words to write for my son. C is a very special little boy a privilege to know & I too get a real kick out of his baby words.

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