Confessions #3

It’s looking like I do these about every quarter… maybe I should be calling them quarterly confessions 😛

Right now I would like to confess:

  • That a little part of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop on the whole full-time working solo mum thing. It all seems a little too easy and that’s making me feel very weird because I thought it was meant to be hard.
  • That I only worked out twice last week. I’m not going to beat myself up too much about it.
  • That I haven’t actually cooked dinner in a week – between party left-overs and freezer meals, plus another busy weekend out… it’s been heat and eat all week.
  • That I swear in front of my kid. I know I shouldn’t. I really thought as a parent I would be better at this, especially seeing as I manage to go all day at work without doing it. But I’m not. I’m just relieved that when he gets to that lyric in “White Lines” CJ sings out “Well, BUCKET…”LOL.
  • That when I was in a relationship, I paid absolutely no attention to the relationships going on around me. I was totally in my own little bubble and I think that gave me a bit of a distorted viewpoint anyway. But now, watching other people’s relationships? That’s fascinating. There’s something to be said for being a spectator and I think it will actually make me a better partner in future.
  • That my dad offered to take us out for dinner for my birthday and I bartered him down to takeout from my favourite Chinese place eaten at home. My weekends are SO ridiculous right now that I don’t think I want to add on another mid-week night out. Bring on the wontons.
  • That it really s#!ts me that some people presume they know how I think and feel based solely on what I put on social media. Social media will only ever be a representation of what someone feels comfortable about telling the world about their life. It’s only one side of what will always be a multi-faceted story. I don’t lie – lord knows this post alone is keeping it real about my life. But there will always be some stuff, good and bad, that I keep private and unless we’re close IRL, you aren’t going to know.
  • That I’m relieved that CJ’s carer is doing swimming lessons with him on Fridays – I wanted him to learn but it’s not something I really wanted to do with him.
  • That I bought a bottle of gin at 9:30am on a Saturday morning and felt like a total alcoholic. But the G&T that afternoon was totally worth it.
  • That it feels like my personal dilemma most weeks is between frugality and convenience… Do I catch a taxi to the wedding so I can enjoy a few wines (convenient) or save money and sober drive (cheap)? Take my car through the carwash (convenient) or wash it myself (cheap)?
  • That some days I look in the mirror and consider botox. But alas, I am too frugal (see point above) LOL. I know my skin would look better if I was properly hydrated. Maybe I need to look into IV hydration instead 😛

Anything you want to confess?

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2 thoughts on “Confessions #3

  1. Dude, I always have shit to confess haha.
    1. I have not been managing my time well, lately. It probably seems like it because I have alarms going off everywhere and I seem to make it everywhere on time, but on my own I am a hot mess just wasting time left, right and centre!
    2. I’ve become addicted to Snapchat (and it’s probably mostly your fault and Alice’s fault)
    3. Sometimes I fantasise about having 3 days at home alone. Like everyone’s gone for like 3 days straight and it’s just me with nowhere to go. 3 days minimum. IT WOULD BE AMAZING. I’m tired.


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