Summer Top 10

It’s Autumn now and I’m pretty lucky to be looking back on a summer of amazing memories. I’m not going to pretend that it’s all been sweetness and light – let’s be real, part of the glory of life is that it can be awesome and awful and everything in between – but there have been stellar, funny and/or sometimes random moments that made Summer 2015/16 a keeper.

  1. Hose fights with the little guy to cool down before bed – “Iz raining!”
  2. Standing in the Indian Ocean having a deep & meaningful with one of my soul sisters as the sun set
  3. “Can you either hold the phone or squat so we can take this picture?” – selfie dramas when your friend is almost a foot taller than you and you’re usually the one with #tallgirlproblems. He was very gentlemanly and did squat 😂
  4. Almond milk lattes & giggles in the park… simple but the view and the company was A+
  5. Standing in the sea with CJ and him yelling “Look Out!” every time a (calf-deep) wave came crashing in – my little protector!
  6. Teaching drama classes outside to beat the humidity and the kids voting to stay out when it drizzled
  7. Minidresses, gin & tonics and feeling the sea breeze on my neck (thanks Ariana Grande ponytail) strolling back to the car after a great night out
  8. A hen night (bachelorette) game where we had to bounce ping-pong balls out of a tissue box tied to our butts in a relay race. I was the last to go for my team and my Kardashi-booty won the day LOL
  9. Sun streaming through the open roof of the Pop-Up Globe theatre in Auckland and the woman who played Benedick (yes, it was a largely gender-bent rendition of Much Ado) stealing a hat, completely in character, off a bald man in the groundlings audience.
  10. Sweltering hot wedding reception in the tail end of a tropical cyclone with a crew who are always a good time no matter how far apart we live or how long it is between seeing each other. My poor car will never be the same 😂

These and so many other memories will stick in my heart long after the heat of summer goes. I hope you have some fantastic summer memories too!

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