16 Random Things, Part 2

Back in January I posted a 16 Random Things list; the juicy little tidbits that aren’t “entire-post-worthy” on their own. There’s no particular regularity to this list – just when I get to a point where I have 16 random thoughts I’d like to share.

1) It’s pretty standard that when you choose to only have one child, you get a lot of “Are you sure?” type questions. “Won’t CJ be lonely?”, “How does your partner feel about this?”… etc. I will admit that it’s crossed my mind that a future spouse might want a bio child and I’m not completely vetoing the idea but that’s a private discussion for the future when there actually IS a partner. That’s probably why I was blindsided at parent-teacher night, when talking to a mum of one of my students that’s well aware of my current solo situation. She told me that it sounded like CJ needed a sibling and I should hurry up and get onto that. Ummm…what? I was a stunned mullet then but it just makes me laugh now.

2) I feel like I’ve recently rediscovered my love for fish – eating them, that is. It’s not that I went off fish, but lately I’m really loving it.

3) Planning a crazy forty-eight hour international catch up with one of my besties is a LOT of fun. Our planning messages are getting me so excited!

4) I read this somewhere and I have no researched-based evidence to back it up, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it were true – Bananas have more trade regulations than AK-47s. Now that really is bananas!

5) Great. Now I have Hollaback Girl stuck in my head. Ah B.A.N.A.N.A.S!

I heard that you were talking s#*t
And you didn’t think that I would hear it
People hear you talking like that, getting everybody fired up

Reminds me of my first time round at uni! Never really got the Harajuku Girls phase that Gwen Stefani went through though. Much more of a No Doubt-era fan. Does anyone else have word triggers like that? Like literally you hear a word and you immediately think of a song. I hear bananas and my head goes “B.A.N.A.N.A.S”. Oh and “Roooxxxxxannnne”…

6) I’ve been doing a lot of boring “get life sorted” stuff when I’ve had spare moments and it feels really good! I can sort of see how everything is falling into place just as it should.

7) I’m longing for more digital privacy in my “old age”. If you’ve been looking carefully, you may have noticed a move away from posting identifying photos of CJ on my blog or Instagram and that’s been my first step. I’m still mulling over my next one. Work in progress with this one as I try to work out my happy balance. Probably post-worthy once I work it out.

8) Pandas apparently eat bamboo rather than meat because they have no umami taste receptors -meat that tastes flavoursome to us would be completely bland to them. Sucks to be a panda!

9) One of my super-dorky goals for this year is to learn all the words to “Dinosaurs, A to Z” – the song makes CJ so happy and the nerd in me is like “Hey, dinosaurs!”. You should hear me diva out on the “W. W? Wannanosaurus!” LOL

10) Recently at my job, I learned how to juggle. I’d be the first to admit that I am not very good – I haven’t yet made the official qualification for juggling which is six catches. But I find practicing very zen and next pay day I’m going to buy some proper juggling balls of my own!

11) I’m going on a 500 km road trip (well, it will be 1000 kms when all is said and done and we’re back home) with a two year old in just a few weeks’ time! A small part of me is quite nervous, but CJ is a pretty great traveller and if we can do the trip in nine hours (straight there, no stopping, is six-ish) I’ll call it a good attempt!

12) Part of me wishes that I  wasn’t so reliant on caffeine to get through my days. I’m usually at least a two-coffees girl, up from my one-a-day habit last year, and some days it is more like three or four. I was even popping energy drinks at a recent wedding, something I haven’t done since my uni days. But a year in which I’m trying to hit major goals while simultaneously raising a child solo and working full time? Probably not the time to beat myself up about having one harmless addiction.

13) The language that Ewoks speak in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi is a mixture of Tibetan and Nepalese.

14) I still struggle with my lefts and rights – it’s not an unconscious thing for me. I got snapped out by friends recently; when having to give a direction quickly I did the hand trick (left looks like an L) and had my friends in hysterics. Similarly, I struggle with depth perception when looking in a mirror – it’s like my brain can only handle the fact that it is left/right reflection & when you add another dimension it’s SO much harder. Things I do all the time (straightening hair, applying eye make-up) I’m fine with, but I prefer to put in earrings by feel and I’ll pay people to do ornate hair-dos for me LOL

15) The Lion King is basically retelling the story of Hamlet but, well, with lions. When I was discussing this with some students it was a total “mind blown” moment – I love that! Nothing new under the sun…

16) I want a Himalayan Salt Lamp… not because I think they actually do anything, but because I think they look freaking cool. I’ve got nowhere for it in our current place, but it’s on the “future shopping list”.

Anything random you’d like to share?

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2 thoughts on “16 Random Things, Part 2

  1. OMG i loved this list but i have so much to comment on!

    Firstly, that dinosaur song is amazing and I now want to learn it too
    Secondly, I also am abysmal at my lefts and rights and it gets super awkward when trying to give/follow directions because my hands have to get all involved.
    Thirdly, teach me how to juggleeeeeee plssssss
    Fourthly, coffee is life, why would anyone ever want to give it up?!
    Fifthly, LION KING?? HAMLET??? WHATTTT?!?!?!
    Lastly, I love my salt lamp so much! No regrets, buy one asap!

    • Hahahahaha let me get my balls first… Or bring some when you come around! And Lion King is totally Hamlet – evil uncles killing fathers and taking over kingdoms. Nala pulling an Ophelia would probably have stopped it being a kiddie film though 😂

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