CJ Says #4

When he drops a remix:

“Bob the builder, eat a biscuit / Bob the builder, ring a plane”


When he’s working out how to tell fibs:

  • Me: So dinner and then bath time, okay bud?
  • CJ: No, no bath time
  • Me: Why not?
  • CJ: Oh I sorry, it broken 😂


When everything is an engine:

  • Extractor fan – “engine!”
  • Hand dryer – “engine!”
  • Ceiling fan – “engine!”
  • Waterwheel – “engine!”
  • Basically anything that’s at least two of round, noisy or propeller-like – “engine!”


When he tells you about his dream vehicle:

“When I big I have a mowa-bike. It be a big mowa-bike. It be a b(l)ue mowa-bike. It noisy and go grrrrrrrr-ba-ba-Ba-Ba-BA!”


When he gets things absolutely right but manages to sound a little creepy:

Looking at a geothermal hot spring (the Rachel Spring in Rotorua)

  • Me: It’s very hot. The water comes up from the ground and it’s already boiling hot, so hot it could cook an eggie.
  • CJ: No swimming
  • Me: That’s right, it’s not good for swimming
  • CJ: It cook me wike a eggie.

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