No such thing as too busy…

I had a big long conversation with one of my friends the other day, at a time we both had clear in our schedules. Anything more than just a casual text or snapchat during the day (which we do a lot of, I’m not going to lie – it’s a great way to keep in touch with our special people) usually requires us examining our diaries – we’re busy people. But we’re not too busy for each other.

Ironically, one of the things that came up in this conversation was the excuse that we so often hear – “I’d love to, but I’m too busy…”. “I’ve just got so much on, I can’t fit {whatever} in”…


It sounds harsh, but if you really wanted to? You would.

There’s no denying that some of us have more on our plate at some times than others. Sometimes stuff can’t wait and has deadlines – it’s true. But every single thing that we fill our time with? That is a choice. We’re adults. We get to choose what our lives look like, how we fill our time. If your choices are different to mine, that’s cool. But let’s be more real about the way we verbalise it.

The thought of {whatever} sounds nice, but it’s just not a priority right now.

Selling off my unused items on TradeMe needs to happen, but it’s just not a priority for me right now.

Hosting a three-course dinner party is something I enjoy, but it’s not something that I want to put on the to-do list right now.

Doing crafts with my kid would make some cute memories, but to be honest I’d rather be having adventures with him in the great outdoors right now, while this summer (that’s actually now a month into autumn) lasts.

All three things, I could have made the excuse that I was “too busy”… but let’s be real. They just aren’t priorities to me right now. It’s not that I don’t enjoy having more money to put in savings, but I clearly don’t value selling the items over say, going to the gym. It’s not that I don’t enjoy cooking massive and complex meals for the people I love, but I just don’t feel like adding the responsibility of that to my plate right now. While having cute stuff my kid and I made together would make me feel like a Pinterest-perfect mama, it would, in the end not really feel rewarding in any other way.

We get to choose what and how we fill our hours. My days are full right now but no more full than yours, or hers, or his. I sometimes choose to work through lunch so I don’t have to take any work home. I sometimes choose to sit in the sun with a hot chocolate for twenty minutes before picking my son up and space out and think and plan and dream. I sometimes choose to bake cookies or scones and I sometimes choose to pick up dinner when it has been an absolutely crazy day. All of those choices reflect what is most important to me in my life, at that point. I’m not going to lie… sometimes the priority on a Sunday afternoon is a nap. And I am totally fine with that.

Looking at things this way can sometimes be hard. As much as I wish I was a Pinterest-perfect mama with awesome craft activities, I’m not. It’s a lot harder to hide from our expectations and our reality when we look at things this way. It can certainly be an eye-opener as to what is really important to us. But it’s freeing. Be who you are. Don’t apologise about what’s important to you. Just don’t blame it on being busy.

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One thought on “No such thing as too busy…

  1. It’s so true. Hard to admit, but true. Sometimes what I really mean is: I am sorry, but I am overwhelmed with things right now and that thing is just not what I feel like doing enough to clear my schedule. Or I’ve prioritised some down time with my family and I just can’t/won’t fit you in. Yes, I have the time. But I don’t have the energy or I don’t have a strong enough desire right now! Or I’d rather save money!
    I think it’s an extension of learning how to say no and own it x

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