What I believe…

Belief is a funny thing. It’s such a shared yet individual experience. Some of our beliefs influence the way we lead our daily lives, others really have no bearing on anything except in deep metaphysical conversation. Some beliefs we hold for a lifetime, others change in an instant. Some of my beliefs have definitely changed, so I thought it might be interesting to record this as a snapshot of what I believe right now.

I believe:

  • In a higher power. I’m not sure I believe in the Christian concept of God anymore, which was a bit of a rock of my traditional foundations. But I just can’t believe that life on this earth is all we have. I have to believe that life goes on after death in some form. I’m not ready to believe that those I have loved have gone for good from all existence. I guess I’m agnostic? Jedi?
  • That life is a mixture of predestination and free will. I believe we all have the ability to make decisions about our lives but there are also other things that defy belief that it is just random chance. I can think of at least a half-dozen such instances in my own life where circumstances have conspired in sometimes life-changing ways, that has to be more than just a roll of the dice.
  • In life on other planets. I think it’s very egocentric to assume that out of all the planets in all the galaxies in the whole universe, we’re the only one that sustains life. Will it be humanoid? Not necessarily, but I don’t believe that we are alone in the universe.
  • That children all deserve a right to quality education. I know that my son is privileged to come from a background where education and lifelong learning is valued and I know that many children aren’t. I see many students succeeding in spite of the backgrounds that they come from and I think it’s important to make schools safe and welcoming places so that students can come to that passion of learning themselves.
  • That sometimes, with some people, it feels like coming home. That deep-level connection – that soul-sister, soul-brother, soul mate connection?  It doesn’t come along all the time and that’s what makes it so beautiful.
  • That as parents, it’s our responsibility to teach our sons and daughters about consent, preferably starting as soon as possible. In our hyper-sexualised society, I think that burying our heads in the sand is about the most unhelpful thing that we can do. I already talk with CJ in very basic terms about it – that different people like different affection and sometimes at different times: “C would really like a high five!” “A doesn’t feel like a cuddle today” “Ask K if they would like a kiss”. Those conversations will progress as he gets older, but I feel like that’s going to be more of a natural progression given that I’m laying the groundwork now.
  • That you can’t change what other people think of you so you are better to live a life that you are happy with than one in which you consistently try to please or impress others. In the end, you are the only person whose opinion of you matters.


What do you believe?

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