Random things I’m grateful for…

Stuck in Auckland traffic (which I swear has to be my biggest bug-bear at the moment), I was literally at a standstill. I picked up my phone and then I had to laugh. In the moment, I was really grateful for my phone and the ability to text my boss and let her know that I might be late (I wasn’t). It got me thinking about a whole bunch of things that are never going to make an inspo-wall in terms of gratitude, but I am nonetheless grateful for.

Mobile data – I was really glad for mobile data on Monday. I had a friend going through a really hard time and the ability to email him while away from my computer and just help him through what he was going through was awesome. It’s also really handy for doing all that admin type stuff when you are stuck in traffic.

The general sweetness of my current students– I’ve been setting up a new digital learning management system for our students and one of the functions on it is the ability for students to message the teacher. This, of course, has the opportunity to go absolutely haywire but instead I had a whole bunch of little messages saying “This is awesome!”, “Hi!” and asking me if I had had a nice weekend.

Frozen meals – both home-prepared and supermarket. I’ve had some extremely heavy data-processing days this past week; I felt like I had run out of brain by the time that I came home and especially after I had put the little dude to bed. I was extremely grateful to past me for both batch-cooking and for buying some freezer meals so that this week I can just throw something in the oven and half an hour later, it’s dinner.

Magnesium and zinc – this seems to be the sweet spot for supplements for me. I add in other bits here and there, but these two are my personal non-negotiables. Having those two in my routine has made me feel much vibrant.

Biersticks – you know, the little salamis? I’m sure that there are healthier ways to get little pops of protein but I’m not sure that they’d be more delicious. I buy a kiddie pack of ten (cheaper) and ration them out across the fortnight between paydays – they’re perfect to chuck in my mouth as I’m rushing from work to the gym before daycare pick up.

The ability to write – it’s something I know I take for granted and I really shouldn’t. My creative stream was so stopped up until the middle of last year and now it all flows freely. The ability to express, imagine and create in words aids me in more ways than I probably realise and I am lucky to have that. Nothing better for getting gritty ideas out of your head in the early hours of the morning.

I’m grateful for so much more than this, but these were a few of the little things that deserved more credit than they usually get. Are there any random things that you are grateful for?

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    • Haha I’m definitely not grateful for the abysmal mess that is the Auckland public and private transport network! Those other things sound pretty great though.

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