16 Random Things, Part 3

The things have piled up and it’s time for sixteen random things again!


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1) I felt like a bit of a cruddy mum for starting CJ’s swimming lessons late – a swimming coach friend of mine had said from eighteen months but there was just so much going on in our lives at that time and it didn’t happen. But I think developmentally that starting at two was probably best for the little dude, he gets to go straight into the under-threes class and I’m getting amazing reports each week of new skills he’s picking up. And trying to practice in the bath 😂

2) My body temperature just doesn’t seem to be adjusting back down this year. I used to be totally heat intolerant and then this past summer it was like a switch flipped and I’m in a cardigan by the time the temperature hits the low 20s. What gives, body?

3) Without fail, every year that I use this poem with a class I have to hold back the tears. It’s so worth it, though, to get the kids engaged with poetry and also exploring ideas around self-worth and the opinions of other people. I also love “The Crickets Have Arthritis” but there’s too many swear words in it for the classroom.

4) CPR is almost as efficient without the breathing as it is with – with rescue breaths, you’re only supplying the body with about 16% more oxygen. Your blood cells already have oxygen stored so keeping the blood circulating so that the oxygen can get to the brain  is actually far more important than introducing more. So if a person you’re resuscitating have severe facial injuries, don’t worry about the breaths, just keep that heart pumping till help arrives.

5) Difference between guy and girl friendships? Standing at the bar with a female friend, telling her I think most of my recent weight loss has been off ass & thighs – she grabs my bum to check and says “You’re right!” 😆 Do guys do this to each other? I’d love to know.

6) I’m really making a concerted effort to put in face-to-face time with friends this year – technology is great but nothing beats sitting down and having some real talk. I recently visited with my friend G (who I last saw when I was 9 weeks pregnant with CJ) and have plans to catch up with other far-flung friends on my travels this year.

7) I have a pair of trackpants that I’ve owned since I was fourteen… They’ve literally outlasted any relationship I’ve ever had. My ex wanted me to get rid of them; they’re definitely not as flattering as a pair of Lululemon yoga pants. But the fabric is worn in and soft and they feel like putting on a hug. I’m glad I kept them and I’ll keep them for those rough days until they finally give up the ghost.

8) I’ve come to peace with my new-found Bieber fandom by realising that it’s pretty much exactly how I feel about Michael Jackson. Don’t care much for the personality but I’ll be damned if those songs aren’t incredibly catchy!

9) Koala bears apparently have fingerprints that are so similar to humans that forensic investigators would have trouble distinguishing them at a crime scene. I’m thinking that not many crime scenes would actually be contaminated with excess koala prints but it’s certainly a great alibi for any koala bandits!

10) I was in absolute fits of laughter all Monday this week – so many funny things happened. My favourite would had to have been this massive hours-long message chain of smack talk that included the threat that they would {expletive} my {expletive} up and then would take CJ out for nuggets and I would have to stay at home. Friends that totally get your life are THE BEST. I swear I had ab pain the following day from the belly laughs.

11) Speaking of nuggets, I’m not a fast-food snob by any stretch of the imagination but I do not care for the fries from Maccas AT ALL.

12) I was talking with some of my students the other day about the one downside of a large vocabulary being that sometimes you get stuck on the fact that you know there’s a perfect word for what you want to say but you can’t recall it. Turns out there’s a word for that too – lethologica!

13) The amount of change I’ve been through in the last year truly astounds me when I stop to think about it. Yet paradoxically I feel far more myself than I have in such a long time. Maybe there’s a longer blog post in that but to be perfectly honest, I think the pieces are still falling into place and I don’t have my head completely around it.

14) Every human spent about half an hour as a single cell. And yet we’re this complex as grown ups. Pretty crazy.

15) You’d think with a pantry full of food, CJ would bring out the good stuff now that he’s tall enough to reach the majority of the shelves. But no. His little head pops round the corner with the bag of rice or a container of breadcrumbs, a smile and and an “Open, pwease”. Dude, you do know there’s chocolate in there, right?

16) It struck me when out for a walk the other day that so many people spend so much time, effort and money to create beauty in their lives but how often do people appreciate the beauty that already exists within their day to day? It seems like a much easier road to joy. Or at least that’s what I thought when looking up through flocks of beautiful pink flowers.

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  1. Love this. I reckon number 2 is because of all your amazing weight loss!
    Also, that poem?! Hits you in the feels! How powerful. I like to think that you may be saving some kids when you show that.

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