CJ Says #5

When you’re teaching him new phrases and he insists on sounding like a hip-hop artist:

  • Me: I love you
  • CJ: Goan wife you (same same but different LOL – he did get it eventually)

When he commits to something just to prove a point:

  • CJ gets his bread out of the bag and takes a bite out of it
  • Me: Oh bud, I was going to put that in the toaster for you
  • CJ: No
  • Me: But I was going to put some peanut butter on it for you. That’s just a plain piece of bread
  • CJ: Mmmmmmm. Pwain piece-a bread. So yummy!

When he warns you that he’s going to bring the sass:

  • CJ: An’ I say, I say, No Ea-win (the way he says his carer’s name), no shoes off
  • Me: You only have to take your shoes off if you go on the couch
  • CJ: No, I say, No Ea-win, no shoes off AT ALL.

When you realise you’re raising a good man:

  • Me: Do you want to go out to a restaurant for dinner or get takeout and bring it home, bud?
  • CJ: Why take-out, my mummy?
  • Me: Well, because it’s Mothers Day, sweet pea, and mummy doesn’t want to cook dinner tonight. It’s mummy’s day to have a break.
  • CJ: It okay mummy, I cook (he then got all his IKEA food out of his play kitchen and proceeded to “cook” me dinner – solid heart eyes emoji there)


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