Things I want to remember, Autumn 2016

  • What it felt like to be cold again after a deliciously warm summer
  • How proud (and obsessed) CJ was at being able to put on his first pair of shoes by himself
  • The creepy yet hilarious moment when I was standing on duty in the playground with my hands on my hips and a student snuck up behind me, stuck their arms through the “holes” and started waggling their arms around like I’d suddenly grown a second set.
  • CJ noticing for the first time that the leaves change colour and fall from the trees.
  • Sunny, crisp days at the beach recharging my batteries – totally different to summer but still as awesome.
  • Rereading the Xanth series by Piers Anthony, snuggled up under a blanket on chilly nights.
  • “What’s that look for?” “I’m sorry, that’s just my face”
  • A class of rambunctious boys absolutely glued to Eponine’s On My Own – it’s my favourite song of the musical too.
  • How CJ has a habit of picking up stones off the driveway at daycare and his great imagination. One day I put him in the car and he put the stones he had in his hands under his bum. When I asked him what he was doing, he said “They MY eggies!” and then proceeded to screech like a pterosaur. Almost died of the cute.
  • Wrapping up in Superman blankets at a house party
  • Sitting in waterfront cafes, with big cups of coffee, working on my writing
  • How excited CJ gets when a new “grocery book” gets delivered – he loves to go through and point out all his favourite foods and we talk about some of the foods he doesn’t know. Who knew junk mail could be so educational?
  • Getting into the groove with work – there’s always a transitional period with any new job but I feel like I’ve got through that pretty quickly this time
  • “A cuddle, a kiss, a twinkle” bedtime routine
  • “You know, you being back at work this year just doesn’t work for me” from a friend who misses our weekly coffee dates
  • Late night shopping with the little guy; him charming ladies in the Starbucks and being so excited about having a “fluffy” for dessert. I’m loving that he’s getting to the age where we can be a little more flexible about what we do in the evenings.
  • Monday night rituals and Game of Thrones.

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