Confessions #5

It’s time for another round of confessions…


  • My anxiety flared up in a big way a few weeks ago, similar to the way it did after my mother died and after CJ was born – there were a lot of little things mounting up, but usually that’s not enough to send me into a tail spin. It wasn’t until I was at parent-teacher interviews and literally couldn’t sit still when I had no parents that I realised the cause. The night that mum died, I was conducting parent-teacher interviews and I got the call that I HAD to come home right now. I have done two lots of parent interviews since then but they hit in the first and third trimesters of my pregnancy when I was too exhausted to focus on anything other than getting through the day. This year is the first year that I’ve actually had the mental capacity to think about it and it wasn’t fun. Things are better now that they are over; life’s not stress-free by any stretch of the imagination, but at least I don’t have that feeling of an elephant sitting on my chest all the time.
  • I’m thoroughly grossed out by meaty pet food. Don’t get me wrong, the cat still gets it, but I don’t enjoy putting it in her plate – gag!
  • I’m usually pretty good about not feeling the mum guilt but one morning recently… far out. I had two particularly long days at work and the second day, he was staying elsewhere for the night. We talked lots about it but the morning I dropped him off, he was not his usual cheerful self. Instead of the usual “Bye mum! Where’s my porridge?” he was snuggled into me, holding me tight, soaking up the cuddles. I know that I shouldn’t have felt guilty but it sucked to see my little man so unsure.
  • I love being a mum, but oh my goodness, I think spending a night by myself made me realise how much extra work I put in on a daily basis. I hit the gym at 9pm, made myself a full cooked breakfast and still managed to get to bed and to get to work at the same time I usually do. What on earth did I do with my time before I had kids? LOL
  • A colleague I share an office with frequently brings in hard-boiled eggs for lunch and I hate it. It makes our room smell like farts.
  • The thing that puts me off our next place having a tiny kitchen is not lack of food prep space (dealt with it before, made it work) but that if I’m cooking something that takes a while I like to put on the music and dance. Need room for those leg kicks 😂

Anything you’d like to confess?

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2 thoughts on “Confessions #5

  1. Pet food is disgusting ha I can’t stand the jellymeat. Gag. But, my goodness. CJ is the cutest…and the point after it did made me giggle a little bit. I have no doubt that I will be saying the same thing if I ever have kids! I also like to dance while I’m cooking. It’s my thing. Ha. I play music and dance/sing around the kitchen while I make a giant mess.

    I would like to confess that I was supposed to hand in an assignment on Friday and it still isn’t finished…and I don’t feel guilty at all. I would like to confess that I broke my ‘Junk Free June’ pledge…and I don’t feel guilty at all. I would also like to confess that I ate a tablespoon of peri peri mayo in the middle of the night and it was glorious 😀 No shame.

    • Honest truth, I had mayo but also bought peri peri mayo when I saw it in the supermarket and it IS glorious. And I’m so glad that you agree with the pet food; when we get a pet that’s actually ours, I’m going to explore solely dry food options 😂

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