CJ Says #6


When he’s too adorable at a birthday party

  • Painting Minnie Mouse bows: “I’m making beautiful butterflies”
  • Looking down at his paint and glitter-covered hand: “Oh God”

When he plans a pretty cool party himself:

  • CJ: Mummy, I had a dream
  • Me: What was your dream, sweet pea?
  • CJ: I had a party
  • Me: What a lovely dream. What was the party like?
  • CJ: It was a blue party with a cake and a blue eberrywhere.
  • Me: Did you have a good time?
  • CJ: It was raining but eberryone say “Yay!! Party inside” and fall on floor with bah-woons 😂😂😂

When he’s unintentionally punny:

  • CJ, holding up one of his Dinosaur Train toys: This my the-saurus. What his other name?

When he’s supportive of his fellow “man”:

  • CJ: Wasssss dat?
  • Me: That’s a peacock. The boy ones have pretty tails.
  • CJ (pointing): Is a boy like me?
  • Me: Yeah, that one is a boy.
  • CJ: Eeepcop, you a good boy.

When he doesn’t want to admit he’s tired:

  • Me, lying in bed with CJ: Any songs tonight, bud?
  • CJ: Mummy?
  • Me: Yes, sweet pea
  • CJ: Mummy, Cway (Muffin McClay) is tired
  • Me: Ohhhh… should I go so that Clay can go to sleep?
  • CJ: Yes pwease mummy, he’s very sweepy (sleepy)

I swear, the quirks in grammar at the moment is what is killing me – you can’t get angry with a toddler who says “I don’t want…” as “I’m not wanting”. “I’m not wanting to get dressed”, “I’m not wanting that for dinner”. So cute!

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  1. Haha the quirks in hammer are soo good I almost want them to stay forever. We get “yes he do’s” instead of “does” and it’s spool cute

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