Getting back on the (healthy) horse: Music gets the best of me

If you have been reading for a while, you will know that this year I’m hoping to get my health and fitness back on track on year – it’s not been the easiest journey but I’m getting there!

The most important item in my gym bag? My headphones! It is not a good workout for me if there is no music involved and the piped-in music at the gym is usually pretty average. Give me my headphones, my phone and Apple Music (unashamedly an Apple groupie here) and I am a happy girl. The downside of my current gym is that there is no wi-fi connection – at my previous gym, I didn’t have to plan. I’d just jump on the treadmill and stream the Pop Workout or Charting Now radio channels. With that option no longer available, I’ve been perfecting the art of the playlist. While my music tastes range from country to gangsta rap, my workout music choices are unashamedly pop-py (pop-ish?). My main criteria is that it has to have a kick ass beat that keeps me moving; the dancer in me cares a little bit more about structure and crescendos. So without further ado, here is my current cardio playlist:

I hope you found a new workout track for yourself in this mix!

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