16 Random Things, Part 6


    1. I’ve seen a few things about the place recently saying “stop taking photos, live in the moment” and while I get the sentiment, I think you can do both. On a recent walk, I arrived at the place above. After a week of rotten weather, the light and the beauty of the moment was just so serene. I took the photo, then I put my phone away and just sat there and soaked it in. Since then, if I’m feeling flustered, I can look at that picture and get that calm back. Similarly, I have a photo recently that I took of my son resting on me… that hardly ever happens any more and it struck me as it happened that it could very well be the last time. I took a photo and then put the phone down to enjoy the snuggles, but I’ll treasure that picture forever. I don’t think that the two ideas are mutually exclusive.
    2. If you need someone to listen, take a seat.
    3. I recently got a FitBit Charge HR and I am SOLD. There have been varying debates about the efficacy of the heart rate monitor on wearables and I know that it’s only going to give me a ballpark rather than exact science, but it’s nice to see the impact that all my incidental or non-gym exercise has on heart rate (cardiovascular health/weight loss) as well. The competitive side of things is exactly what I needed too!
    4. A few weekends ago, I gave in to my cravings and ordered a pizza. It’s a pretty rare thing for me to do seeing I’m lactose-intolerant and have to take tablets to manage it – I usually save those for Mexican food (queso!) or delicious desserts. With my weight loss goal still in my mind, I wavered, but I was craving the hell out of that pizza and so I ordered it. Best decision – it hit the spot perfectly. Sometimes you just gotta eat the damn pizza.
    5. I got to go to an Advance Screening of Me Before You and *deep breath*… wow. Even knowing how the story was going to end (having read the novel), that movie was a solid punch in the feels.
    6. This article by Sarah really spoke to me. My life isn’t totally balanced at the moment as I focus on some serious “making ish happen” but that’s okay. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I know that the ‘travel’ will be worth it.
    7. I have no idea who taught my kid to say “Gee whizz!” but I love it! Between that and “Oh my gosh” he sounds like an Enid Blyton character 😆
    8. Probably something that’s hard to understand if you’ve never been plus-sized, but I had a total non-scale victory the other day. I won pyjamas as part of a spot prize… and they fit! I’m built like an Amazon (think big bust, big hips), so even at my slimmest sometimes fit can be a crapshoot. At my biggest, post-pregnancy, I could still shop some straight-sized stores but my options were quite limited. Being lean enough to fit something straight-sized, that wasn’t directly selected for me, that I haven’t spent hours searching for… felt really awesome! I’m still not where I want to ultimately be but it was so motivating!
    9. I swear that being a teacher is like being at a pub quiz every day – the amount of questions you get asked! “Miss, is Elvish an actual language you can learn?”, “Miss, what’s an afterbirth?”, “Miss, was the Holocaust kind of like The Purge?”, “Miss, is the ability to put ideas in someone’s mind telepathy or does it have another name?”… surprisingly all relevant questions for texts we’ve been looking at LOL.
    10. I’m a night owl and I generally try to get about seven hours sleep (although I’m functional on about four – learnt that with a newborn); it was interesting to see what this article had to say on that.
    11. On that note, naps as an adult are totally underrated. I am a huge fan of a lazy weekend nap if there’s nothing more exciting to do.
    12. When I was nine, a letter came home from school explaining that a boy in my class had been diagnosed with meningitis. I didn’t understand then why Mum freaked out when I said I sat at the desk next to him… these days I can totally see myself acting exactly the same way.
    13. I seem to have a penchant for listening to certain music in the car in particular seasons. I was blasting Six60 over summer but it seems almost bizarre to be listening to it in winter. Yet I can listen to Ed Sheeran’s over and overespecially the slow-beat songs like Thinking Out Loud and Photograph.
    14. Game of Thrones is over for another season and it’s a long wait for the next, but how awesome was Lady Mormont in every scene she was in? I hope we get to see more of her next season.
    15. I have this weird little theory about little negative things diffusing big negative things. I seem to attract little injuries – bruises, scrapes, minor cuts, sprains – but I’ve never broken a major bone or had a severe injury. After recently being rear-ended, I’ve wondered whether it is the same with my car accidents. I’ve been in my fair share of what my Aussie friends endearingly call bingles and maybe that’s what’s helped me avoid a major crash… I know that scientifically doesn’t make any sense, but it does in my head LOL.
    16. Always awesome to see a former classmate creating magic, and I think this particular cover may be even better than the original:



4 thoughts on “16 Random Things, Part 6

  1. Ha I’m so the same – always bruised, sniffling etc but never had anything major so far (touch wood) and getting my wisdom teeth out was a breeze.

    Six60 music is definitely summery.

    I almost need to take MORE photos I think. At a rare girls night the other week the others were all snapping away all night and I wasn’t!

  2. I’m a “live in the moment” person, especially at concerts when everyone around me watches their favourite song being performed by their favourite band through a 5″ screen.

    I’m also sold on my Fitbit Charge HR, after swearing I wouldn’t buy a glorified pedometer. There are a bunch of us from Twitter who do the workweek hustle and it’s a great way to support each other in achieving our step goals.

    • I get what you mean about living in the moment but I do sometimes want to capture just a hint of that moment forever. I love my Workweek Hustles & Weekend Warriors – I’m very competitive so it works for me 😂

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