CJ Says #7


“No Dinosaurus in this hole…”

When he sees one of his idols (and the mispronunciation of captain never gets old):

  • CJ (sitting in Coffee Culture Christchurch Airport, when a pilot walks in): Oh my gosh, is a bacon!

When he’s starting to use his negotiation skills:

  • CJ: Sushi!
  • Me: Yes, that’s a sushi shop
  • CJ: I want sushi for dinner
  • Me: Not today, sweetheart. I left my money at home
  • CJ: I have a monies. I buy a sushi for you. Yes?

When you realise that your OCD-ish tendencies have rubbed off on your kid:

  • Me, after searching through his sock drawer, unable to find the matching bedsocks, throws it in and puts one white and one blue sock on CJ
  • CJ: One sock, two sock… Hey, not same!
  • Me: I know, sweetheart. But they’ll keep those tootsies warm
  • CJ, chuckling: That one b(l)ue! Two not-same socks!
  • Me (with pained smile😆): Yes, not the same.

When he shows his hangry side:

  • CJ: Mummy? I hungry
  • Me: OK sweetheart, I’m driving right now but I’ll get you something when we get home
  • CJ (very serious, quiet and low voice): Excuse me Mummy. I hungry. My wunchbox empty, I have no food. You make me dinner soo(n) we get home
  • Me: (dies from holding in the laughter, seriously, he sounded like the Godfather)

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