At two and a half…

Originally I thought that I would do this annually but the reality is that you are changing so fast that I worry if I don’t capture this moment now, there are things I might forget.

You know your first sight letter – E – and you love to pick it out in words. You actually understand now that writing means something and you often ask me what other letters are. It blows my mind. On the other hand, you really do not seem to care about colours at all. I’ll admit I get frustrated that you’ll say that you want the green one when you want the blue one and I honestly sometimes wonder whether you are colourblind – I’ll feel like such an ass if you actually are.

Every dang time we take the stroller anywhere

You are so well-mannered – well, most of the time… you are two after all. Your carer tells me how good you are with sharing, and that makes me happy. I worried as an only child that it might come as a challenge to you but I needn’t have. The girls at the chippery we often go to on a Friday night fall over themselves with how polite you are when you order – “Hot dowg, pweeez. No sauce, bank-ooo” – and how you sit patiently with one of the “books” and wait for your order.

Speaking of hot dogs, you are OBSESSED. We have a tradition of getting takeout on Friday and for a while, you wouldn’t choose anything else. Now, it’s a pretty even match between hot dogs and sushi for your favourite fast food, which I’m a little happier about! You’re a typical toddler in that you aren’t much of a vegetable fan, but you would quite happily eat chilli beans all day every day! You’re also insistent that you get a “fluffy” whenever we go to a cafe… I have no one but myself to blame for that one.

You hated Spider-Man. At a party a couple of months back, “Spider-Man” showed up to surprise the birthday boy and you weren’t having a bar of it. You refused to play pass-the-parcel because Spidey was in the circle. You’d play with a Spider-Man toy, but the real-life character freaked you out. You were very brave and gave him a high-five when he asked but that was as far as you were willing to go and you were so happy when he went away. Yet you’ll choose the Spider-Man socks. You crack me up, little buddy.

You are animal obsessed. Your carer has a cuddly cat called Lacey and whenever you talk about her, it’s “my Wacey”. I can’t wait until we’re in a position (hopefully in the next couple of years) to get a pet that’s actually yours, one that you can grow up with. It won’t be a cat, thanks to mummy’s allergies, but you also love doggies and bunnies so I’m sure we’ll work something out.

You freak people out with how quickly you pick up lyrics to a song. We generally listen to Six60 and Ed Sheeran in the car and you sing along to both of those, but you only really need to hear a chorus once before singing along… it made me laugh when I got a message from your dad asking if I was listening to a lot of Ariana Grande because you were singing along with Dangerous Woman on the TV. I’d never even heard that song! Your favourite song right now is one from music class – “Wobbly Jelly On A Plate”!

You think that falling over is hysterical, whether you do it intentionally or not. “Oh wook at me, I falled over” followed by a giggle is a common utterance around the house, after which you like to do the replay just to make sure I see. Then you jump up and run off yelling “I better now”😆

One of my favourite moments with you is lying in bed, as  you are getting ready to go to sleep. Since I sung it to you one night, you have loved “The Rainbow Connection”. It really does fill my heart up to the brim to lie there singing with you as you chirp along… “Why are dere so many, song about rainbow…”. No matter how cruddy the day has been or how frustrated I may have been with you, everything feels good in that moment.

I’m not going to pretend that it’s totally easy being a full-time worker and your full-time parent; sometimes I feel like I don’t have the energy that you deserve. This cuddly stage that you are going through has some perks though – it means that even on the days where I feel like I’ve been running from the moment I hop out of bed until I finish cooking your dinner, the feeling of you wrapped around my legs or in my arms still makes me feel like I’m giving you what you need.

You have shot up like a weed; it feels like you jumped from Size 1 to Size 3 clothing in the blink of an eye. Nothing on the benches is safe from you and you can open every kitchen drawer. It’s not usually a problem, apart from when you tried to help me by putting your dirty spoon away in the cutlery drawer 🙈

A couple of weeks ago, we were getting out of the car at the end of the day and you pointed upwards. “The moon, mummy. Why the moon out when it still day time?”. I told you that I didn’t know why it happened but that we could go and find out together… and we did. I can’t promise you I’ll always have the answers but I’ll help you work things out.

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