Things I want to remember, Winter 2016

As the rest of winter fades into the distance, this is what I want to remember:

  • Coffee… So much coffee. But beach coffee is the best!
  • Field duty on sunny days, soaking up the Vitamin D
  • “So your FitBit thinks that you’re clinically dead right now?” – explaining the heart rate monitor function
  • The Soundgarden in Christchurch -CJ loved it and I’ve got to say that there’s something therapeutic about smacking the crap out of metal items with rubber mallets
  • Watching the sun set over the Southern Alps as CJ fed the chickens on our friends’ farm – it was such a relaxing visit, we’ll definitely be back
  • The amazing skills of the cocktail makers at my favourite bar in Melbourne
  • Car drives to the airport with my cousin who is the closest thing I have to a little brother  – planning visits; talking Game of Thrones, coffee, love and life
  • Decluttering – working out what I really love and what really matters and getting rid of the rest
  • The delicious irony of both the school’s copies of The Matrix breaking down and starting to skip – “There’s a glitch in the Matrix!”
  • Laughing at “You smell AMAZING!… I mean, not that you usually smell terrible or anything, but God that’s good!” – for the record, I was wearing a mixture of Moss and Tea from my only super-frivolous Melbourne purchase
  • This student response when I disappointed them by telling them that the teacher they were trying to match-make me with was already taken: “Look, I know he has a girlfriend but I’m going to forever ‘ship you in my head, okay?” “Yeah, it’s like teacher fan-fiction”… riiiiiiiiiiighhhhhht
  • Allowing (with huge reservations) the little dude to “help” me put the petrol in the car – he’s so vehicle obsessed and being able to have his hand on the hose as it pumped the petrol… you would have thought that I had taken him to Disneyland!
  • “I peeshy-ate you” after I agreed to carry the toddler in to daycare. Gave him such a big hug after that; it’s always nice to be appreciated!
  • Fried chicken waffles and loads and loads of laughter
  • Explaining what women’s suffrage was to a group of eleven-year-olds (there’s a mural about it in the CBD) and having them suitably appalled that women weren’t always able to vote – yay for raising the next generation of feminists!
  • Having a whole host of projects come to fruition -I hate that feeling of limbo and so it’s been really rewarding to have a spate of “finished products”
  • Being introduced to sleeping masks – face masks that soak into your skin while sleeping… perfect for a busy mum! I don’t need to stay up to wash anything off and I wake up with my skin feeling amazing! My skin has really changed this winter (this year? I don’t know… it’s not the same as it was, say, a year ago) and it often feels quite dry so this has been a game changer
  • Toddlers in tuxedo suits – he wanted to get changed as soon as he saw his poppa dressed up, the little cutie
  • “I’ll go home when I’m bloody well ready” – my grandma at dad’s wedding reception. Good to know where my sassmouth comes from 😂
  • This boat shed on Waiheke Island… It’s like something off a film set, just tucked away in the corner of a beach carpark
  • Taking my friend Jess away as my “au pair” for the weekend. I don’t regret choosing to become a solo mother and I don’t resent being the full-time parent. I’m happy with my decision to wait for big love than to settle for anything less. But I can’t deny that it was nice to not be the only set of adult hands in the house for once!
  • Out of the blue, CJ starting to call his bear blanket “Munda” which is also apparently his slang for polar bears? Toddlers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Sitting on the top deck of the ferry with my little dude, the wind in our hair and the sun on our faces
  • The lack of sickness – other winters we’ve been really walloped by colds and flu but this time round, not so much. What we’re doing is obviously working!
  • Finding 2017 diaries on sale and buying one because we’re already making plans – I usually invest in a $$$ one but after the surprise handbag pear incident of 2016, I’ve decided it isn’t worth it until CJ is a bit older LOL
  • Being stumped by “Sing me monkey doctors!” until I realised that he was asking for Five little monkeys jumping on the bed
  • Listening to a rock music radio station in the courtesy car I had from the panelbeaters and having all the memories of my late teens flowing back. I wouldn’t live it again, but man there were some fun times
  • The morning it felt like the wheels fell off, and then I realised that I’d asked for a sign from the universe about something and that this was probably it (get a bit more specific with the requests, girl)
  • The little dude walking off with some of my students telling me he was going to drawing class
  • Roast pork with crackling
  • Sometimes feeling super-energetic, sometimes feeling exhausted… but always, always, feeling more unapologetically myself than I have in years.

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